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Harper’s second album, “I can’t care for that” has just been released! (Actually, they’re just songs she sings in the bathtub that I think would make a pretty sweet record so I made a fake album to give to her and her mom.) Here’s the song list:
1. You may be right, I may be wrong, we’re both disgusting.

2. I love my issues.

3. I can’t care for that.

4. I’m a monster, not a kitty.

5. You can kiss my favor, but you can’t let me go.

6. Here I go now, WATCH ME FIGHT!!!

7. Big daddy’s don’t cry because of hard days.

8. The dark wolf waits.

9. When all the reindeers look at the sunset, babe. HEY HEY HEY!

10. You’re not a very nice man… should we have dinner anyway?

Bonus Track. I have a bed, Mom has a bed… Dad has the couch.

Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Izzy B
  • Personal Essay

Izzy is proud to present Your Grandma Thinks You’re a Lesbian
A true story about how one blogger figured out her sexuality

So, I had my required Senior Reading yesterday and I read this piece. It turned out to get a lot more laughs than I thought and I figured “why the hell not” so I recorded it so you guys could hear it. I apologize for quality, when something is fifteen minutes long something has to get sacrificed in the name of posting.