funny album covers


Work in progress shots of this year’s Hetavision project. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Youtube you already know that, this year was the FIRST year EVER that I had to redraw characters. I’m so mad it’s not even funny.

The album covers will be released on April 1st as usual, however this year will include a poll, for fans to vote for their favorite ESC songs of 2017!

wouldn’t it be funny if harry’s album cover is blank? just white like his instagram posts, or maybe black with just styles in the corner. but if you get the vinyl you open it up in a gatefold and there’s tons of photos, both of him and aesthetics.


Keith Moon imagine next!

Imagine getting walking down the seemingly never ending hallway of a train. You glanced down at the room number you were supposed to be in and then back up at the door standing in front of you. It was the correct one so you slid the door open to reveal four young men all staring at you. They were silent, just sending smirks to one another as you walked in and took a seat in between two of them. You gave them each a smile and a nod.
“Hello. Morning,” the boy sitting next to you said, giving you a smirk.
You blushed, you could deny he was cute and you couldn’t really complain about the predicament you were in. The train ride seemed to go by quicker being with them. Before you knew it it was over. You exited the train and began to walk down the street when you were stopped.
“Wait!” Someone called.
You were surprised you heard it when you turned around to see screaming girls chasing him down the street as he ran towards you. It was Paul, the one who sat next to you. And you felt so silly just now realizing who he really was. He stood before you panting, trying to catch his breath as he quickly spoke.
“I didn’t get your number,” he said with bated breath.
Your heart skipped a beat as you registered that a Beatle just asked for your number. You scrambled to write it down, seeing as the hoard of girls was growing closer. You gave it to him and he proof read it with a smile. He turned to look at the girls and then back at you.
“Gotta run, I’ll be seeing you soon though,” he said as he gave you a quick kiss on your cheek before he ran off.