funny 1d quotes

Today in school we were watching a video about monkeys and morality and when the whole class went quiet and the monkeys were on the screen all you hear is “Emma look it’s your family” I shit you not I pissed myself

the signs as socks

Knee highs: aries, capricorn, taurus
No-shows: sagittarius, scorpio
Fuzzy: leo, gemini, cancer
Mismatched: aquarius, pisces
Toe socks: libra, virgo

texting [📲]
  • Liam: it's okay lou. when life gives you lemons, you just gotta make lemonade
  • Liam: :)
  • Louis: that's shit advice
  • Louis: why not just squeeze the lemon into the eyes of who's upsetting me?
  • Liam: who is upsetting you that much??
  • Louis: you, liam, with this terrible advice. pick up lemons while you're at the store