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I screamed at the high pitch part

Where did this even come from!!

And why is it trying to wreck my ship list!! Like from what I know Markbum is kinda an underground or at least not as popular ship but it hit me hard with in the last week and I’ve completely fallen into the trap

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Like Jaebum being hyper is adorable and just has the tendency to cling to Mark’s shoulder which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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Like look at him just flopping, they weren’t even suppose to go that low but Jaebum is being a precious koala child so I approve

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And like oh my gosh this game screwed me over. There were different objects where they got closer I think but I couldn’t find any gifs of it but this one still is just omg

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I also recently read the cutest story about them being childhood friends but punk Jaebum and pastel Mark and Mark just had completely control of Jaebum (in one of those cute totally in love ways) and it was the cutest sh:t I’ve ever read I don’t remember what it was called though but omg yes thank you for whoever wrote it

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I just need more appreciation for this ship cuz just yes guys just yes

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