What was a loophole that you found and exploited the hell out of?

Warning: This post is not an actual petty revenge post but the stories you are about the enjoy can be considered as a revenge to the capitalist world as most of them are very enjoyable to read and satisfying, so here we go. This post will be huge so after the first 3 stories to read the rest you must get inside the post.

  • I worked in a call center during college.  Our main performance measure was the number of donations solicited PER CONTACT.  If the person didn’t answer or hung up immediately, it didn’t count against you. 
    I discovered a bug where, if I blew into the microphone just as the phone started to ring, it would register in the computer system as a no-answer and dial the next number.  I rode this out for several months before I got tired of blowing my microphone for 8 hours a day and quit. /cr

  • I worked at ski resort for a year where I could print out birthday tickets for free if it was a customer’s birthday. Since you got a lift ticket for free, which was an $80 value, there was often 15 to 30 different people a day who would come up to see me on their birthday  to get their free ticket since it was such a good value.
    The loophole was there was no accountability between me and the accounting department on whether or not it was actually their birthday. Once I figured that out, it became everyone’s birthday and I would regularly give away 20+ tickets a day.
    A single mother bringing her kids skiing? Its all of their birthdays. You talked to me about my day for 2 minutes? Happy Birthday, here is your free ticket.
    After working there for a season, I gave away roughly $80,000 to $100,000 worth of free tickets which put me at that high collar crime level. I felt like the Robin Hood of skiing. /cr

  • A long long time ago Hostess chips (was the major brand in Canada at the time) had a Mario Bros promo. You got a “bingo” card in each bag of chips and every card was a winner. You had to scratch 3 of 9 areas and if you matched the icons you won. One of my friends figured out that using a tin can with a tiny hole punched in the bottom and then dropped down unto a 100W lightbulb, you could see through the card and find the winning spots to scratch. This spread around town and a week later there wasn’t a single bag of chips to be found anywhere. Sold out all over town. We all had garbage bags of open chips around. I won 1 grand prize which was a Super Mario Bros game. /cr

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