So last night my wife dreamed about our upcoming wedding and apparently a whole group of people there was meant to sing a song but they didn’t know when to start singing so I just got up there to count them off with a rousing “5, 6, 7, 8!” Well they didn’t know what a count off was and they never started singing but that did not deter me from hitting a rousing “5, 6, 7, 8!” ad infinitum at random points throughout the rest of the dream.

i don’t know how you watch the first 5 min of into the badlands and not immediately love it just for the aesthetic. it’s apocalyptic but brightly colored, guns are banned for some reason so that fighting via samurai swords is the main method of action, the protag rides a motorcycle and wears sunglasses … the aesthetic in this show alone is worth it

reasons why shiro is gone:

  • it’s naptime. he’s on the cot in the back.
  • the black lion put him in timeout
  • he got dropped off at daycare
  • he’s in a really high stakes game of hide & seek but he’s the only one who knows they’re playing
  • he got stuck putting his shirt on and he’s so embarrassed that he’s hiding
  • it’s just a trick of object permanence. he’s got his eyes covered. he can’t see the others? HE’S FUCKIN GONE
  • allura told him he was grounded for not eating his veggie goo so he decided to run away. he’s only like the space-equivalent of a block from the castle though.