Because everyone needs a GIF on their dash with an Ashton Irwin fiddling with the hem of his shirt, a Luke Hemmings doing a cutesy little dance, a Michael Clifford attempting to be a Michael Jackson and an awkwardly hip-dancing Calum.


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Zayn 'hops fence to make VMAs party' -
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Zayn Malik apparently had to jump the fence to get into a VMA after party.

The ex-One Direction star made his way to the Republic Records bash following Sunday night’s MTV awards show, but it seems everyone else had the same idea.

It was the night’s biggest party, and 22-year-old Zayn was reportedly forced to get in any way he could.

“So many people were trying to get inside that he jumped the fence. There were paparazzi out front and the venue wouldn’t open the gate in back for his car to pull in, so he just hopped over (the wall) and came on in on his own,” a source divulged to New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column.

But instead of being berated for his actions, the insider reveals he was applauded.

“Partygoers and the Republic team didn’t mind - they were impressed with his athletic skills,’ the source laughed.

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