Reality TV show AU: Four strangers are selected to stay quarantined in a house for 6 months. Each episode follows them through a week during which they pull pranks on each other, bicker, and get on one another’s nerves. Follow Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall as they embark on this journey and get up to countless daily shenanigans.

The Rubber Chicken of Anatevka

My school theatre company has a tradition *bum bum tiss* where one night only per show, we have a random rubber chicken in the scene. This usually happens Saturday nights so people who have seen our shows a lot, usually catch on to this and make it a game. “Who can spot the mysterious rubber chicken first?”

Well. Before our Saturday Night performance of Fiddler on the Roof, we were all talking about where to hide the chicken. And we decided to have it on a crate during “If I Was a Rich Man”. And we had Stage Crew put there and all was well. Mission success and the tradition was fulfilled. Or, so we thought.

A couple scenes later, and it’s when the Russians are destroying the wedding. I’m doing my staged fighting with my Russian friend when all of a sudden, on the corner of my eye- I see our rubber chicken get throw on stage. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The chicken flying through the air, the crash of our table falling apart, and then… Our Motel caught the chicken in his hands, looked down at it and looked so scared/bewildered - I almost pissed myself of laughter right there on stage.

Motel ends up tossing it to the ground, the audience is laughing, we’re all laughing and the scene is ruined. The curtains close early and our director runs up to us all backstage and says,

“I’m sorry- I had to.”

  • keith:(rifling through blurry polaroids) and i was thinking this one could be my christmas card this year
  • that... you?
  • keith:no? it's bigfoot? obviously