funniest thing ever seriously

whoever is writing sonic for real justice is doing a good job. Mod Amy kicks out Mod Silver for closing the ask box. Little did we know, Mod Amy reveals that she too can get overwhelmed and close the ask box.

Excellent parallelism. Truly a work of art. This story’s getting too deep and we’re not even on the fifth act yet.


Have you guys seen this?! It’s seriously the funniest thing ever and is highly accurate!

Umm...? -- Poofless

This was possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever done. I swear Preston would seriously do this. I love it way too much. I love it. It’s gorgeous and lovely. 

Prompt from otpprompts.

Imagine person A walking in on person B who has placed googly eyes over their nipple

Rob busied himself in the kitchen. He was making lunch for himself and Preston who was  upstairs trying to clean up their mess last night.

Contrary to belief, they weren’t up all night having sex. They were up all night making amazing posters for a bake sale that Preston’s sister was having. They had put glue and glitter and googly eyes on each poster. And well, they had sort of gotten into a “fight” and a lot of the supplies had ended up on the floor. Well, half of it did.

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Basically how I picture the dinner with Misha talking indiarussian went:

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Jensen: Hey Bob have I told you how awesome my boyfriend is? Did you hear his indiarussian accent? It’s the best! hey Mish, do the accent!

Misha: agh..

Jensen: Dmitri, come on! Bring it out!

Misha: uh… 

Jensen: *sends him puppy eyes*

Misha: Okay *tells a story in Indiarussian*

Jensen: *loses it*

Jensen: Haha, guys did you see this? *unicorn laughs at Misha with tears in his eyes* I told you! Isn’t Misha so funny? Seriously, he’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me! My boyfriend is just so amazing, no one can beat him! 

Jensen: Misha do it again!

Misha: ….

Jensen: Oh come onnnnn! Bob, tell him to do it again!

Singer: Actually, my wife can do an Indian accent too.

Jensen: Ok. 

Jensen: But I bet she’s not better than Misha. Right Mish? (Cooperate babe, we’re totally winning this!)

Misha: *fml when did this become a competition in ‘my partner is better than yours’