funniest shit today

Found this in my drafts**:

*clears throat* May I present the idea:
~✨Ella Enchanted au✨~

  • •Laurent is from a very well-to-do kingdom
  • •Auguste died (idc how)
  • •Akielos took a bunch of land after that
  • •When Laurent was born his aunt Vannes gave him the “gift” of obedience
  • •When Laurent lost his family he was left to live with his Uncle and his uncle’s men (man? Idk how to fit the evil step-sisters in so like twin Govarts??? LOL)
  • •His uncle tells him that he isn’t allowed to protect/hang out with Nicaise

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Lmfao so this hella popular, athletic fuckboy was in the hallway talking to his friends and this kid came up to him and he was like “bro! There is a pop quiz today and it’s like 20 questions 😅🔫.” And the fuckboy was like “wait you serious” and the kid nodded and the guy shook his head and then blatantly took off, out the side door of the school, and you could see him walk across the school yard and into the parking lot, get into his car, and then just leave and I’ve never laughed so hard and related to a fuckboy simultaneously before

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When white people think noses that aren't perfect shaped are "non white features" lmaooo that's the funniest shit I've seen today

ik hes literally just a lil uglie i mean we dont love him any less for that but he is

So the funniest shit happened today while I was playing Pokemon Go

A’ight, so I was at a park with 3 other friends and we kinda split off to go catch some stuff. While I was catching Pokemon, I was standing next to a gym.

The gym was originally Valor, the team I’m on.

Anyways, so the gym turns from red to gray, showing that someone beat it and is able to take it over. I looked up and I noticed a group of people in front of me, congratulation someone for taking down the gym.

Within the next minute, I immediately took over the gym and I looked back up at the group.

They noticed me and said, “Did you just take the gym?”

I smiled and replied with “yes”.

The guy who took the gym paused, looked at his buddies, then back at me and said THESE EXACT WORDS: “That’s a very Valor thing of you to do.”

I literally lost my shit, it was unreal


Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster




this video is only 48 seconds long and it’s the funniest shit i’ve seen today