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Reasons to watch the LEGO Batman Movie
  • It’s so meta. Batman narrates through the opening logos and they show clips from the other adaptations of Batman and talk about how Joker and Batman have been fighting for 78 years. My personal favorite is when Alfred calls Batman out for all the Brooding™ he’s done since 1966.
  • It’s freaking hilarious. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. The jokes always hit the mark and even just how the characters act are enough to get huge laughs.
  • The characters. Batman is of course amazing but there’s also Robin who’s a literal ray of sunshine, Alfred who is the coolest butler ever and so much more, one of the best adaptations of Joker, and Barbara Gordon who is such a competent leader and fighter and so amazing in general.
  • Batman’s and Joker’s relationship. Having Joker portrayed as wanting validation from Batman that he is his greatest enemy but Batman not reciprocating those feelings creates one of the funniest, most amazing hero-villian dynamics ever to be put to film. 
  • It’s actually emotional. Amongst all the hilarity and action scenes the movie does take time to address the concepts of loneliness, confronting one’s fears, if you are really a good person or not (or if you’re in between), and the nature of family. It gives so much depth to Batman that is hardly seen in other adaptations and that’s what makes it so great. 

the half-blood prince is literally the funniest movie out of all of them because:

1. harry with the pincers 

2. cormac throwing up all over snapes shoes  

3. hermione telling off lavender in the hospital wing 

4. harry with the felix felicis in general 


6. “how much for this?” “5 galleons” “how much for me?” “5 galleons” “i’m your brother.” “10 galleons

7. “why is it when something happens, its always you three?” “believe me, professor, i’ve been asking myself the same question for 6 years.” 

8. “who’s harry potter?” “oh, no one. bit of a tosser really” 

8. did i mention the PINCERS YET 

9. “she’s only interested in you because she thinks you’re the chosen one” “but i am the chosen one*gets hit with newspaper* “ok sorry, kidding

10. “it’s no joke! i’m in love with her.” “alright fine, you’re in love with her. have you actually met her?” “no….can you introduce me?

Without giving away any spoilers, here are some general descriptions about what to expect when Rogue One opens:

• The film, starring Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, an outlaw recruited by the Rebellion to steal the plans for the original Death Star, is set just prior to the events of 1977’s original Star Wars, and references to the first trilogy abound, foreshadowing events-yet-to-come.

• The tone is, as promised by Lucasfilm, a war story – a relentless action tale. Fears that much-discussed reshoots were softening the story or watering down the ending appear to be unfounded, since the movie presents a much grittier soldier’s story than previous films. Think of it as Band of Brothers with a Star Wars setting, more than earning its PG-13 rating.

• Chirrut Imwe, the blind warrior monk played by Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, and K-2SO, the blunt-talking security droid played by Firefly star Alan Tudyk, steal the movie. Ironically, they both provide some of the movie’s funniest and most heart-tugging scenes.

• Much like The Force Awakens, there are a significant number of shots from the Rogue One trailers that aren’t in the finished film. Director Gareth Edwards says he shot a lot of footage in a cinema verite style, trying to capture the chaos of battle, so either trailer-makers drew heavily from material that was later unused, or portions of those scenes were reshot.

• Despite its heavy tone, there’s a lot of humor in Rogue One. There’s also a lot of heart, particularly in the father-daughter story of Jyn and Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) a scientist who is stolen away to work on the Empire’s Death Star project. The film also features a gripping, almost prescient speech by Jyn that will leave many fans with a lump in their throats.

• Finally, Darth Vader… The Dark Lord of the Sith delivers one moment of pure horror. You could argue there’s even more than one scene that fits this description. Rogue One shows a ruthless, predatory side of Vader when he is at the height of his powers.

• Actually … one more note: Fans of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars: Rebels should keep their eyes wide open for a number of special surprises. (That’s all I’m going to say about that.)



I’m sure there will be countless times of trial and error ahead of us but we’ve got plenty of chances to turn back around if we take a wrong turn. Whatever comes next, and after that….we’ll be fearless and ready for it. Because we’re in our roaring twenties!


This is still the funniest scene from any movie.

Thoughts on the Lego Batman Movie:

  • funniest thing I’ve seen for months
  • the full microwave scene
  • if they had Ralph Fiennes playing Alfred, then why didn’t they also get him to voice Voldemort i mean, Eddie Izzard was great BUT ?? ?
  • i look forwards to the inevitable sequels wherein Batman obtains the rest of the Robins/assorted other orphans with much glee. i might not be in the dc/batfam fandom but i follow people who are and i appreciate its dynamic wholeheartedly.
  • best Joker ever
  • the skeptical pilot
  • ‘McGuffin Industries’
  • I WANT 8 SCUTTLERS AND I WANT THEM NOW that was the best? vehicle? it was so cute rip
  • ‘stop him before he starts singing’
  • baaAARBARA!
  • ‘i don’t do ships’
  • dramatic zoom in on Alfred
  • who is Phyllis’ boss? ??? or was that a reference I didn’t catch?
  • Batman flopping around on the stairs saying ‘No no no no no’ #relatable
  • so much more. the entire film is golden

things my straight friend said while watching doukyuusei together:

  • pls dont start singing
  • oh no
  • dude has tiny ass feet
  • so embarrassing
  • nude water 
  • my gosh 
  • my heart tho
  • ouch
  • this is cute jeez
  • even the teacher is gay
  • i swear if i cry i wont forgive you 
  • this is turning me gay i swear
  • wow… that was.. damn 
  • i would watch something like that again