funniest christmas

Yall Nativity is the best Christmas film

  • Accurate portrayal of British primary schools
  • Shows the elitism and classism in society through the state and private schools
  • About a bunch of kids who nobody thinks anything of because they don’t go to private school and are working class putting on a nativity
  • Martin freeman
  • Really fuckin funny
  • Got the most amazing jams
  • The kids are absolutely adorable
  • Shows a young boy who acts out in school due to him not seeing his mum a lot and instead of giving up on him his teacher sees his talent and he starts to behave as he focuses on the musical
  • Pretty sure one of the kids has two gay dads, like they kiss and dance and hug so I’m pretty sure
  • Really not you’re typical Christmas film, you know the ones, with the one main romance and that’s it, there’s so much more to this film
  • Just overall the cutest funniest Christmas film ever
  • Go and watch it right now
  • keith: (rifling through blurry polaroids) and i was thinking this one could be my christmas card this year
  • hunk: that... you?
  • keith: no? it's bigfoot? obviously

Funniest Baby Christmas I’ve watched ever!!!!!

Imagine this but with Korinna and her frustrated parents in that video. This could be more accurate than ever!! X”DDD


I think “Reggae Christmas” by Bryan Adams (aka the whitest man alive) is probably the funniest Christmas song I’ve ever heard. Funnier than Christmas At Ground Zero by Weird Al, or Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.

I don’t even know the lyrics, except for the hook; just the fucking CONCEPT of Bryan Adams singing about “Havin’ a Reggae Christmas” cracks me up.

(I mean, I like a lot of Bryan Adams’ stuff, and consider myself a fan–his music was a big part of my 80s soundtrack when I lived in Germany, and my band there even covered a couple of his songs, so I’ll always have a sentimental attachment–but damn…)

To be fair, I think it was SUPPOSED to be kinda funny. He DOES make references (upon further listening) to being Canadian and wanting to go to Jamaica, where he’s never been, but where he (if I understand correctly) has long-distance friends.


Day 4 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄  

#26 5 Seconds of Summer – Christmas Celebration

Since you’re very close to the boys of 5sos, you were very excited when you heard that they are spending Christmas back home in Australia. You had nothing planned exactly but made clear that you all have to spend at least one day together to celebrate Christmas, even if it wasn’t really Christmas yet.

It knocks on your door, early in the morning and you think it’s just your mum. “5 more minutes.” You groan into your pillow and roll onto your stomach.

“5 more minutes and there won’t be any cookies left.” Calum laughs. You immediately open your eyes and sit up straight to look at him. He comes over to you, wearing a Christmas jumper and opens his arms. You get out of bed and run into him to hug him. It has been a while since you last saw him since he and other boys were touring.

“Can I get a hug as well?” You then heard Luke. You pulled away from Calum and hugged Luke next. Afterwards, they waited outside your room, while you quickly changed to a christmas onesie, before you follow them downstairs. In the living room, Ashton and Michael are fighting over who gets to hug your first.

“Boys, you can hug me at the same time.” You laugh. Ashton and Michael exchange glaces before they both run over to you and hug you. You nearly fall, but they hold you up.

“Ashton I told you that I’m first!!” Michael yells.

“but I told you that I don’t care!” Ashton yells as you just laugh. It’s just like you had imagined it to be and you love every second of it. They boys are like brothers that fight over everything, making you laugh all the time.

You spend the whole day together, baking cookies, because Michael ate all of the other ones, and talking, singing and opening presents. It’s the funniest and best christmas you ever had.

I’ve decided to post my funniest story:

So for Christmas 2013, my family and I went back to the UK and stayed with my Grandparents. My brother received this reindeer softy toy that sang jingle bells when you shook it. However, it didn’t just go off when you shook it. If you went NEAR the thing it started blasting out jingle bells in an Alvin and the Chipmunks singing voice. That thing was unreasonably loud and we all grew to hate it except my brother, who insisted he wanted to keep it. He took it to the airport it his hand luggage and wrapped it in a few towels in hope it wouldn’t start singing. It didn’t work. If we nudged the thing then it would sing and people would look at us weirdly. We went through security and everything getting  curious looks. It was quite embarrassing. We got to the point where your sat still, waiting for the gates to open, and my mum and dad went to get food. My brother and I were watching the bags and enjoying the silence. Because it was Christmas, it was really crowded, and my brother’s hand luggage was in the way of people. We didn’t want to move it because both of us are self conscious as fuck, so we just left it and got dirty looks as people stepped over it. One guy, kind of grumpy looking, goes to kick the bag. Me and my brother both screech “DON’T KICK IT IT’LL GO OFF!!” in a really crowded Manchester airport. Everyone stared at us, terrified. We got scared looks for the entire plane journey. Im surprised we weren’t dragged away