funniest christmas


Funniest Baby Christmas I’ve watched ever!!!!!

Imagine this but with Korinna and her frustrated parents in that video. This could be more accurate than ever!! X”DDD


I’ve decided to post my funniest story:

So for Christmas 2013, my family and I went back to the UK and stayed with my Grandparents. My brother received this reindeer softy toy that sang jingle bells when you shook it. However, it didn’t just go off when you shook it. If you went NEAR the thing it started blasting out jingle bells in an Alvin and the Chipmunks singing voice. That thing was unreasonably loud and we all grew to hate it except my brother, who insisted he wanted to keep it. He took it to the airport it his hand luggage and wrapped it in a few towels in hope it wouldn’t start singing. It didn’t work. If we nudged the thing then it would sing and people would look at us weirdly. We went through security and everything getting  curious looks. It was quite embarrassing. We got to the point where your sat still, waiting for the gates to open, and my mum and dad went to get food. My brother and I were watching the bags and enjoying the silence. Because it was Christmas, it was really crowded, and my brother’s hand luggage was in the way of people. We didn’t want to move it because both of us are self conscious as fuck, so we just left it and got dirty looks as people stepped over it. One guy, kind of grumpy looking, goes to kick the bag. Me and my brother both screech “DON’T KICK IT IT’LL GO OFF!!” in a really crowded Manchester airport. Everyone stared at us, terrified. We got scared looks for the entire plane journey. Im surprised we weren’t dragged away

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Gonna bring this back in  time for the holidays….lol