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Here’s another book review!  This time, I’m talking about Yuri!!! on Ice Settei Shiryoushuu (Yuri!!! on Ice Creation Document Collection), published by Movic.  This is a new book that came out last week, and it’s full of pre-production sketches (some in black-and-white, some with a bit of color) of various characters, outfits, items, and locations from the anime.

This book is not available in English or French, but it’s almost entirely pictures anyway, except for a brief text description in the lower corner of each page, and a few design notes written on some of the drawings.  As an example of what can be found in this book, check out these adorable sketches of Yuri Katsuki with Vicchan:

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Top 10 Females from Winter 2017!

10. “Akko” Atsuko Kagari(Little Witch Academy) Akko is a pretty cool chick. It’s still not explained how or why she was allowed into this school of magic, but the fact that she strives to be a great witch like Chariot is actually inspiring. She tries really hard and never gives up because she believes she can accomplish her dream, and I give her mad respect for that.

9. Chiya (Urara Meichorou) Aww man Chiya made me laugh constantly in Urara. Just look at her in that picture and tell me that isn’t funny. Aside from being funny I felt Chiya was the voice of reason in a lit of episodes. Granted she wasn’t the most modern person but I felt her free spirit made things a lot better amongst the girls while learning to become Urara.

8. Raphiel Shiraha Ainsworth (Gabriel Dropout) Raphi…my lord what can I say about her. She constantly had me laughing. Her team up’s with Gab were pretty good but anytime she was around Satania, you knew something was about to go down.

7. Satania Kurumizawa McDowell (Gabriel Dropout) Honestly the funniest characters in this anime, and quite frankly made the show a lot better then what I thought it would have been. Satania’s airheadedness turned out to be pretty damn cute and lovable.

6. Yuki Kasukabe (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) I honestly thought I was going to hate Yuki after her debut episode. After she opened up to Takahashi and became more active among the Demi’s and really everyone, she became more likable in my eyes. Her interactions with Saki we’re hilarious, especially that exchange of “goods” lol.

5. Hikari Takanashi (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) What a trouble maker Hikari was, but her free spirit is what made her such an awesome character. I honestly fell in love with her when she suggested Machi getting an actual backpack. I thought that was really awesome and showed how much of a caring person she is….even though sometimes her antics got a little too personal. (Like poking Machi in the breasts!)

4. Tooru Miyamae (Seiren) In my opinion the best female in Seiren so far. Plain and simple Tooru is hot, she plays video games (and is good), and just doesn’t even mind hanging out with you and your boys whenever. She’s basically perfect wife material.

3. Vigne Tsukinose April (Gabriel Dropout) My Angel! Well Demon who was basically an Angel this entire series. Vigne went over the top in my eyes when she was counting the Gabs to try to get to sleep. I also thought she was really cute especially in her cute little Devil and With costumes!

2. Miss Kobayashi (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) I waited until Episode 13 aired so I can post this list, just because I always think “Well you never know who could rise or sink on the list.” While I had Kobayashi at number two this whole time…I really considered putting her number one after episode 13. Her stepping up for Tohru was fucking awesome! I liked her a lot already just because she was pretty funny, and her antics were great, but my god when she stepped up to Tohru’s dad, after getting the fear ut in her by him, I was like “Fuck yes Kobayashi!!!!”

1. Satou Sakie (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) Sakie sensei…the fact that she is a succubus does make her more appealing, however her personality is pretty amazing as well. She genuinely cares about her students whether they are Demi’s or humans, but also has to watch out for herself as well. Her development with Takahashi was fantastic throughout the entire series, it’s just a shame nothing could happen at the end. The track suit, glasses and Pony tail made her so much hotter then I could imagine, but when the layers came off…Hello Nurse…er Succubus!