funnier than it should be

Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.

My Parents Going Through My Tumblr
  • Dad: Why do you post about us?
  • Me: People find you guys funny.
  • Dad: Funnier than you so I get it.
  • Me: Dad.
  • Mom: You should watch your language.
  • Me: My language? I was quoting you!
  • Mom: That's no excuse.
  • Me: Y'all make no sense.
  • Dad: What's a...Jamilton? Is that one of those ships you talk about?
  • Me: Yes. Jefferson and Hamilton.
  • Mom: Ah yes. They have more sexual tension than you and that 'friend' of yours.
  • Me: Mom oh my God.
  • Dad: Is Lams another one?
  • Me: Yes. Laurens and Hamilton.
  • Mom: Well he did shoot someone for Alexander. Even I wouldn't do that for your father.
  • Dad: Yeah she - wait, what?
  • Mom: Oh look people can comment of these posts of yours!
  • Dad: No no let's get back to the previous -
  • Mom: Would you look at that - we're more popular than you AJ.
  • Dad: HA!
  • Me: Oh my God...
  • Me: I mean no one believes y'all said it so.
  • Dad: Well...
  • Dad: That's rude...
  • Mom: You're rude.
  • Dad: The hell woman?

the fact that jg quintel’s new show looks like regular show makes it a lot funnier than it should be, but it looks good regardless

*Jongin and Kyungsoo at a party*

Random guy: Kyungsoo is that you?!

Kyungsoo: Yes! Omg how have you been?!

Random guy: Omg I’ve been fantastic!! Is this your boyfriend?

Kyungsoo: Yeah, this is Jongin! 

Jongin: *Smiles, waves, sweats*

Kyungsoo: Jongin, this is one of my former classmates from high school.


Kyungsoo: We also dated a little too, so I guess he’s also my Ex, hehe


Nice! And there I had been working under the impression that they didn’t care if at least half the country lives or dies 🙄

I somehow got onto this mailing list a while back, and hadn’t bothered to try to get it stopped yet. But, as if the constant name checking weren’t bad enough already…