funkys art

It’s my birthday so here are some really self-indulgent sketchy drawings of Adrien with hair like Yurio from Yuri on Ice because that’s what I felt like drawing


tfw ur bassist bf rly looks good and stupid in his costume, but you hate the one he picked out for you (and ur ghost rapper friend thinks the both of you are cute)

EDIT: this isnt 2Doc. It’s just a self insert. I know it can be confusing because of the blue hair.


I just realized I have a pile of Humus I never posted here!

So, here you go! In addition to an alien fungus eye, she also has freaky vine arm. It was a bit of early self experimentation, and as such is a little..less well put together. A prototype to the kinds of limb enhancement/replacement she can manage now.
It’s a little fussy when it’s not tightly strapped into form..

Her eye on the other hand is a bit newer, and a pretty impressive little piece of work! Essentially made a new eye out of Mostly alien materials. It’s a little weird to look at though, as it swivels around independently from the other..much like a chameleon, or mad-eye moody

ALSO, A CAMEO!! ft @pythosart ’s darlingest dr worms, since they both have some funky eyeballs