Morgan’s Lair Review


“Ok, so your dragons are pretty naked, too. I can’t stress enough that dragons just. Need pants, like seriously. You can’t have your junk hanging around. Anyway-”

“Holy shit, this guy is weirdly green. And what kind of name is Squiggler? I guess that fits for a Spiral, sincee they’re so noodly, but I’m wondering what the hell he did to get saddled with this name. Cool horns, though.”

“Another weirdly named dragon - SunsetRodeo. That’s really specific. I read her bio and she seems nice, so I can’t hold it against her. It’s cool she purifies people of shade - that’s a really helpful and nice thing for her to do. I approve.”

“You have such weird dragon names, but they’re so nice! So I can’t insult them too much because then I’ll feel bad. FunkyFresh also seems like a nice person, doing cloth stuff. All in all your lore has funny names, but really nice dragons to make up for it.”