Badtz-Maru (top left) is spelt wrong in the picture…  Monkichi is my all time favorite.  I collected almost everything of his when his character was still in production, all still unused and in a big ass box… waiting for the day for me to finally go through it all and finally start using it… 

Chewppies (2001)


Star Sign: Cancer

Personality: Kind, the elder sister who holds the group together.


Star Sign: Sagittatius

Personality: Mature and hardworking.  Doesn’t like losing.


Star Sign: Aries

Personality: Easygoing, takes things at her own pace.


Star Sign: Pisces

Personality: Shy and a little spoiled, but the best singer.


Star Sign: Libra

Personality: Cheerful and cheeky.  The best dancer.

A gang of tiny baby mice who live in a flower field, deep in a forest of candy.  These 5 best friends love to sing and dance, and you can see them dancing their cute little dances everyday, in the flower field.