Hey guyz, so I’ve been thinking about Funky Catsterz lately and the new direction I want to take it.  I want this to be more personal and interactive.  More about making friends, sharing with one another, and having a good time!  I’m trying to come up with ideas on how to get this going.  

So let’s start by YOU telling me about what you love!  I wanna be your friend <3

Answer here, send me a message, email me ( or like my facebook page ( so we can start interacting with one another!!!



God Of The Internet - Necklace

This is a Funky Catsterz + Sweet Panda Creations Collaboration

Buy The Necklace Here:

Necklace Created By: Sweet Panda Creations

Artwork Created By: Funky Catsterz

Funky Catsterz will be on Channel 2 News Tonight!

This morning I did an interview with Channel 2 News about my Custom Pet Art and Erabellum, the Artist Co-Op I am a part of.  The live interview was at 6am this morning.  There will be a recorded version that will be aired at 5pm tonight!  If you live within the Nashville area, please tune in!

Erabellum is an Artist Co-Op in Nashville, TN that features the work of local artists, jewelers, handbag makers, designers, and vintage sellers.  We have a shop at 1800 8th Ave S near Grimmeys.  I do lots of craft fairs with Erabellum.  All of the people there are SUPER talented and nice!  I’m so glad I am a part of such an awesome collective!

I was interviewed on Channel 2 News today about my art at EraBellum!

Here is the link to watch the interview:

I was interviewed live at 6am at Erabellum and we also recorded a second interview that aired on the 5pm Channel 2 News. 

Erabellum is a shop in Nashville that features local artists, jewelers, designers, and vintage sellers.  The shop is located at 1800 8th Ave S near Grimmeys and Pia’s Antiques.  So thankful to be a part of an amazing group of artists!