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Hi Dr. Cranquis!

Every once in a while (maybe once or twice a year), I seem to develop little, painful, under-the-skin bumps on my palms and fingers. They feel like tiny little warts or blisters, but they only last for a few weeks and then they disappear. Any thoughts?

Hello, Funky-Fingered Flamingo –

I know exactly what you’re describing, I’ve even had those myself a couple times in my life (once on my hands, once on my feet) – but I don’t know what that condition is called! It’s usually caused by a viral infection, and is not a big deal unless the bumps then get infected by bacteria on top of the virus. You should avoid poking/squeezing them, because they usually stay longer and get bigger if you do that – just leave ‘em alone. But if they start to ooze colored liquid or be more painful, you might need antibiotics.

I tried looking this up in some dermatology references today, but no luck. If I come up with the diagnosis, I’ll let you know!

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