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Suitors at the Beach!!!

It’s summertime! I hadn’t seen this before, I apologize if someone else has done this.

Leo -
God help him, and someone get the SPF 150, is there a higher SPF? He needs it.
Wears some funky colored board shorts.
Stays under the umbrella all day and reads. Burns anyway.
Beach towel has parrots on it.
At night he and MC search for seashells, he steps on a Jellyfish and asks MC to pee on his foot 😂

Giles -
Makes sure everyone has sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water.
Wears weirdo short shorts and ties his hair up (haaawt).
Wears a huge ass wide brimmed straw hat.
Brings a fan and one of those misting things- mists MC while she tans 😏
Bless him, he cannot swim well.
Cheetah print beach towel.

Robert -
Wears green swim trunks and unbuttoned floral shirt, and a hat.
Builds huge fucking sand castle and other sand sculptures.
Collects seashells with MC at night to make her a bracelet.
Paints a sunset one evening. 😙
Did he even get in the water?

Albert -
Self conscious of his body. Wears tank top and swim trunks, and sunglasses with the thing around his neck so he won’t lose them.
Wears typically thick dab of sunscreen on his nose.
Researches local shark attacks before getting in the water.
Helps Robert build a sand castle.
Only one MC trusts to rub sunscreen on her, and she asks if her boobs look ok in this swimsuit… 😳
Brings picnic blanket and lunches. 😁

Nico -
Runs away before Albert can put sunscreen on him.
Demolishes sand castles and sculptures.
Likes to scare the shiznit out of MC when she’s on a floaty in the water.
Gets super sunburnt; asks MC to rub aloe vera on him 🙃
Chicken fights with Sid, Leo, Alyn, Louis, Rayvis, and MC.
Loses his swim trunks in the ocean for a bit, has to run down the beach naked to get them where they wash up 😂
Wears himself tf out and sleeps like baby (so precious).

Sid -
Swears he’s gonna show up in a speedo, fortunately wears some dark colored board shorts, and a pair of aviators.
Brings Jess and she loves to swim.
Likes to show off all his tats.
Likes to surf, and pretty good at it.
Brings cooler of drinks.
Also ties his hair back.
Is freaked out by crabs because he thinks they’re creepy. 🤣

Louis -
Ewww sunlight and ppl.
Has the best beach hair, wears some blueish board shorts and LV sunglasses.
Plays volleyball with Alyn, Rayvis, and Byron.
Only one who MC will sit on his shoulders for chicken fights.
Loves sunsets the most.
Drinks coconut water with a straw
Finds the biggest most beautiful sea shells. ☺️

Rayvis -
Wears grey board shorts, and Oakley sunglasses, and has a plaid towel.
Builds a campfire at night for s'mores.
Likes walks along the beach and watching the sunset or stars at night.
Gets a splinter in his foot and MC removes it for him and gives him a band aid.
Pokémon beach towel.
Does not like being in the water if he can’t see the bottom - constantly creeped by “something touching his foot” 😆

Alyn -
Ripped. Best beach body. But super humble.
Kills it at volleyball, and can also surf.
Plays frisbee with Arthur.
Wears board shorts- actually has quite a few pairs.
Gets some super cute freckles when he tans.
Brings a picnic basket with baked goods.
Best swimmer also. 😳

Byron -
Wears speedo (stop staring) and eyepatch (until everyone makes him take it off, because tan lines)
Has a Hello Kitty beach towel and cheapo sunglasses… still hot af.
Swims like a damn dolphin.
Likes to sit in the inner tube and chill.
Sits up all night with MC to look at the stars and watch the sunrise. 😊

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Sorry if you've answered something like this before, but do you have any recommendations for stim toys that are on the subtle side and can preferably be kept on the person?

It’s fine! You can always check my ask tag to see what’s been answered, but I understand if you’re not able to flip through five pages of asks (and tags are harder to access for mobile users, although I keep the tags pages linked in my user description to make it easier). You might like to look through this previous ask for ideas, as it discusses lanyard-clipable stim toys! In addition, if you’re in a classroom or desk office setting, some of the stationery items mentioned in this ask might be workable as stealth toys.

I’m not sure what kind of toy you might be after (chewable, fidget, etc) so I’ll list everything I know of that’s both on-the-person portable and subtle/stealth. Jewellery is like to be your best option. This is a little harder for people like me who prefer not to present in ways socially-coded as feminine, but, thankfully, most of these things don’t have strong associations with a binary gender.

Stimtastic really does have some of the best offerings for teenagers and adults after subtle/stealth stim jewellery.

Fidget jewellery that’s perfectly stealth: Roller Ball Bike Chain Bracelet | Extra Wide Bike Chain Bracelet | Spinner Rings (link to category, in various colours and designs) | Double Circle Earrings | Concentric Circles Necklace | Scented Vial Necklace (I have the cinnamon one and I love it - it’s small enough to be unobtrusive/merely decorative and it smells divine) | Snake Twist Necklace (a subtle Tangle alternative) | Mobius Flower Earrings (I took these off the earring backings and turned them into necklace pendants strung on a leather cord - gender neutral and nobody knows it’s stim jewellery) | Heavy Bike Chain Bracelet | Interlocking Bike Chain Bracelet | Light Bike Chain Bracelet | Wrist Coil Bracelets (like wearing a hair tie on your wrist - unremarkable) | Zipper Bracelets.

Fidget toys that can be attached to a bag or belt loop: Rolling Bead Lanyard | Large Bead Ring | Squishy Panda Charm | Jumbo Bead Ring.

(Note: how stealth these ones are depends somewhat on how eclectic you are in presentation. I can attach a bead ring or a squishy to a belt loop and have no one remark on it, but I’m the kind of person psychologists politely call “quirky”.)

Fidget toys that can fit into a pocket and hide in your hand/palm when someone comes over to your desk: Spiky Animal Fidget | Boinks Fidget | Mini Prickle/Hedge Balls.

(Note: I’ve found the animal prickle fidget toys in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Toys R Us, $4-$4.50 AUD. I’ve also found the mini prickle balls in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Big W, $3-$5 AUD.)

Chewables that are closer to stealth: Chewable Dulcimer Necklace | Chewable Trapezoid Necklace | Chewable Doughnut Necklace. (These are the smaller or plainer chewable pendants, and I assure you, I’ve seen folks wearing non-silicone versions of these. I’ve also walked around various cities, stores and markets wearing the Braid Pendant and nobody has once thought anything of it if they don’t see it in my mouth. Oversized jewellery, especially for femme-leaning folks, is pretty fashionable.)

DIYs: If you want to make your own roller bead lanyards, here’s the tutorial. If you want to make your own bead rings and make them even more stealth, here’s my tutorial on making bead ring necklaces. Nobody has ever treated these as anything more than funky necklaces, and I wear these everywhere, every day.

@caseydickdanger​, if you’re located in the US, makes some seriously unique handcrafted pieces. Most things have textures if you’re just after a necklace pendant to touch and handle. The really stimmy in-stock items include the Nautical Bottle Necklace, Mocha Tubez Bracelet and the Mermaid Sand Tubez Bracelet.

@spacerobotstudio has a phenomenal selection of funky, unique fidget necklaces: Spirit Level Necklace in Red | Spinner Pendant Necklace in Copper and Teal | Bronze Double-Sided Compass Necklace | Pink and Blue Saturn Spinner Necklace (oh, god, want) | Dots and Brown Spinner Pendant Necklace | Blue Glitter Globe Necklace.

Banggood or ebay also sell tiny squishies. Mochi squishies are perfect for holding and hiding in one’s hand (links to many individual ones in this post) but most of the cheap squishy assortments include smaller bun and cake squishies as well (and these have strap attachments for adding to bags).

(If you’re after more bag or lanyard-attachment fidget toys, here’s the ultimate post on where to find edamame poppers!)

Etsy has a wealth of spinner rings. There’s a wide variety running from affordable to bespoke.

You can also find the wrist coil/telephone cord bracelets in cheap multipacks in every dollar store - look in the hair accessory section. Also available on ebay! If you’re not the kind of person who wears bracelets, I’ve seen them as lanyard clips in many dollar shops (link to listing on Banggood).

Chubuddy and Amazon also have chewable telephone cord bracelets, if you want something unremarkable that’s chewable and a fidget.

Chewigem has several silicone raindrop pendant chewables that look just like oversized funky pendants.

In short, there’s a lot of options, especially jewellery-wise. However, most of these sellers are based in the US, so if you’re an international stimmer, be prepared for international shipping rates and conversion fees. While there are therapy-focused stim toy stores internationally, most of them don’t offer a lot in the way of subtlety!

Good luck. If this doesn’t help you enough, please let me know. If there’s something I should have included and didn’t, please also let me know!

Tig Trager - Lurking in the Deep


You’re afraid of the ocean and the guys go to the beach. Tig chills with you on the land.

It was nice to watch the guys able to relax for once.

Chibs was laying back, Rat and Quinn were both chilling, O.T. was actually out in the water. Everyone was doing something nice and then there was you.

Who was back on dry land.

“Hey, why aren’t you out in the water?”

Tig asked looking down at you with his funky colored swim shorts on. You shrugged and just watched as the others were fucking around.

Tig took at moment to sit beside you.

“What? You afraid of water or something?”

He joked laughing a bit thinking that all the women he’d ever met loved swimming.

“The ocean.”


“I’m afraid of the ocean.”

You clarified. Tig’s eyes widdened a little bit.

“Oh… sorry.”

He told you as he sat there beside you watching his brothers enjoying their time to themselves.

The Signs as Perfect Summertime Things ❤

Aries: That first refreshing, cold dive of the year into the pool that sends those perfect chills through your body

Taurus: Going to the beach and listening to the ocean waves crash against the shore as you relax and enjoy the view

Gemini: Creating the PERFECT summer Playlist and listening to it so much that you can recite every song flawlessly; (dance moves, facial expressions, and all!)

Cancer: Traveling to see beloved family members/friends you haven’t seen in forever and hugging them tightly for a really long time at the airport when you land

Leo: Getting caught in a warm, misty summer rain storm and just letting each drop pound against you without a care in the world

Virgo: Cutely scrap-booking polaroids of your favorite adventures/memories with friends and family as a “Summer 2k15” keepsake

Libra: Finally breaking in those cute new summer outfits you’ve been waiting to wear since winter (and looking great too!)

Scorpio: Changing your appearance in some way in spirit of the new season and having people compliment you and give you confidence with really nice things like “that really suits you” or “you look great”

Sagittarius: Riding your favorite ride at an Amusement Park and looking at all the pictures of everyone hilariously screaming their heads off and making funny faces when it’s over

Capricorn: Throwing away/shredding all of your old work from this year and realizing you now won’t have to deal with so much stress and responsibility because it’s summer

Aquarius: Tie-dying T-shirts and making funky cutoff shorts, crop tops, and other creative DIY stuff to pass time

Pisces: Going out to see brand new summer movies with all your friends and creating lots of memorable laughs and inside jokes together

The signs as items of clothing
  • Aries: very short shorts
  • Taurus: funky panda socks
  • Gemini: very mini skirt
  • Cancer: very long skirt
  • Leo: long but tight, sexy dress
  • Virgo: smart fitted trousers
  • Libra: short and gorgeous dress
  • Scorpio: sexy underwear
  • Sagittarius: very skinny jeans
  • Capricorn: smart shirt and tie
  • Aquarius: some whacky pair of boots with unicorns on
  • Pisces: a very fashionable coat

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Headcanons on how and why the Matsus would play with their s/o's hair?

Osomatsu: He’d take a lock of your hair and sorta twiddle it around in his fingers. He wouldn’t quite braid it, but he would twist it around a whole bunch.

Karamatsu and Todomatsu: If it was long enough, he’d probably subconsciously braid it and style it in funky ways. If it’s short then he’d just run his fingers through it all the time.

Choromatsu: He’d sort of fix it for you, if that makes sense. Like pulling it behind your ear, or just plain making it look neat.

Ichimatsu: He’d run his hands across it, not exactly petting you like he would a cat, but still sorta petting-like.

Jyushimatsu: He’d love to tangle his hands in your hair, and just comb it with his fingers.


Hey guys, I know I’ve been MIA lately with my big move to Louisiana along with starting my clinical year of vet school, but I just wanted to share this story/reach out and ask for positive thoughts and prayers.

This little guy came into the clinic tonight when I was helping out in the ICU. He was found in the middle of a field and a Good Samaritan brought him in to the teaching hospital because he thought we could learn from him. The doctor on duty proclaimed that although he is perfectly healthy, his congenital deformity makes him pretty unadoptable (he was born with those spaghetti legs, they are not broken). So he stated that he would euthanize the kitten unless any of us wanted him. He said if they took it to a shelter, it would be euthanized on arrival because of his legs. I was interested because I didn’t want the kitten to die, so I asked him to let me think about it. He gave me until the end of his shift to decide, and said he wasn’t passing the kitten off to the doctor on the next shift; it needed to be adopted or he would euthanize it.

Now, I know that this doctor may sound like an uncaring asshole from the way I’m telling the story, but I can tell you that he was very nice and in fact does care about the animals under his care. However, in a hospital as big as the one I’m at, if you kept every bleeding heart kitten that came through the door, there wouldn’t be space for actual patients. Being a vet means making hard calls or we would all be on “Animal Hoarders”.

So I decided to give the kitten a chance. I named him Lieutenant Dan, got him some kitten food, and brought him home. He’s currently in a wire dog crate in my bathroom because he’s unvaccinated and I don’t want him near Charlie or my dog Beckett (I haven’t talked about him much because he was a family dog living with my parents but I brought him with me to Baton Rouge and he’s doing great here!)-

Here’s the crappy part of Lt Dan’s story. I suspect he may be incontinent. He has a bob tail that points towards his head, and between the funky legs and the short tail, there is a good chance the nerves to his bladder and/or poop region are messed up. He hasn’t pottied since I got him, so I don’t know for sure. It’s encouraging that his hind end is clean, but like I said, that short tail and bad leg combo is not encouraging.

So if he is incontinent, I will have to bring him back to euthanize him. There is no way I would be able to care for him for the next year with my schedule. It’s unfair for him to be in a diaper or in a cage for an entire year, especially when I’ll be gone for 12 hours or more at a time. And I can’t take on the commitment of a diapered cat for the rest of its life. It’s not like my schedule will slow down after I graduate vet school.

However, if he IS continent, he stays! I’ve already talked to one of the doctors about getting his hind legs amputated. He moves around fine with just his front legs, and I would probably get him a little wheel chair.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Lieutenant Dan can control his bowels and bladder. And if any of you think I’m a horrible witch for condemning him to death just for being unable to control when and where he eliminates, I’ll tell you that I am considering his quality of life. Yes it breaks my heart that he may have to die. I may have saved his life today only to watch him die on Monday and that sucks balls. But I wanted to give him a chance when nobody else would.


So I’m working at the Farmers Market and there are more cute lesbian couples than other kinds of couples and I really needed to write some Hartbig. This is my first time writing on Mobile so sorry if the layout of this is funky.

SFW, sort of short, very fluffy

other fics

“Hannah, you are never going to actually plant those,” Grace suppresses a giggle as her girlfriend holds up a pot of gorgeous purple flowers.

“You don’t know me,” Hannah says somewhat dramatically.

And now Grace really does giggle because if there’s anyone who knows Hannah Hart, from favorite foods, clothing preferences, and of course what’s underneath said clothing, it’s Grace. She hopes this will continue to be true for the rest of her life.

“No, but really, Grace. Let’s plant a garden,” Hannah proposes, entirely serious. “A victory garden! A Hartbig victory garden!” Blue eyes sparkle vividly as the shorter girl close to leaps with excitement. Grace is certain that Hannah could tell her all about the world war and how it’s the historical context behind ‘victory garden.’ She definitely will not give her girlfriend the chance.

“I think we should get some of that asparagus for dinner. It looks delicious.”

Hannah finally unhands the flowers and simply says, “and who is actually going to cook it?”

“We can have Mamrie over,” Grace quickly retorts, with a bit of a smirk playing at her lips.

Hannah thinks that in such an event, they’d need to add a trip to the liquor store to today’s errands. It’s stupid, she thinks, the way that she values doing this little stuff with Grace, the way that adding an extra stop to today’s adventures makes her heart swell. Grace’s ability to melt Hannah into a puppy is simply unparalleled. She’d have things no other way.

Grace buys not only the asparagus, but also peaches, sweet corn, and multi-colored carrots, which she was previously unaware existed. When they walk away from the produce stand, maybe the sixth one they’ve encountered this morning, they stumble upon a place selling tamales. They both skipped breakfast, save for Hannah, who had four bites of yogurt. When she doesn’t eat immediately after waking up, Grace considers Hannah to be ‘unbearable.’ They order some Mexican food and are very thankful to be holding a meal as they walk toward the picnic tables.

“Grace, are you staring at another girl right now?” Hannah sees a girl, who is attractive enough to be mistaken for Tegan Quin, slightly ahead of them.

“Jealous?” Grace asks, smirking heavily with her brown eyes. Hannah rolls blue ones as she pushes the brunette playfully. Grace sticks her tongue out and now they’re just laughing, unable to stop. People stare but neither woman notices, as they are far more interested in each other. Grace never saw herself feeling like this with someone. She’s had other relationships, but they were always more of a distraction than a priority.

Suddenly Hannah is Grace’s priority, which feels as lovely as it does terrifying. Also completely worth it.

They continue to walk towards the seating area and pick a table slightly in the shade. It’s hot today. They sit and start on the tamales, which could probably benefit from some hot sauce, but are still delicious. Grace catches Hannah’s eye as they eat, and holds their gaze for a bit. It’s her favorite sight.

Hannah loves it even more. Each bite of tamale is satisfying, almost as much as the day in general. The blonde closes her eyes for a moment, savoring both. When she reopens them, allowing the world in once more, she sees Grace smiling.

“What are you smiling at over there, Smellbig?”

The brunette leans in and wraps her arms around Hannah. She captures her lips in her own, humming contentedly. Hannah pulls her closer as they almost forget where they are. Grace has no idea how Hannah can do that. Kissing more intensely, Grace moves her hands to Hannah’s little waist, which is lovely, as always. Before they are too consumed, Hannah pulls back slightly, only to whisper against pink lips “I just want you to know Gracie, that someday, I’m going to marry you.”

Grace says, “absolutely not,” before laughing.

Grace is wrong.

Was it cute? With love, A