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Artbook Update!

Just got the proof in today for the artbook and the colors are looking great! 

(I don’t know why my phone camera is such horrid quality, but its not doing it justice)

Another update is that the dimensions of the book have changed a bit. The book is now going to be in 9′’x6′’. My original dimensions were a bit funky to print I guess, plus I was able to lay out the pages much nicer with the new dimensions. 

I’ll be messaging the company tomorrow which will kickstart the final printing of the books!


The next corset review is up! This piece from Rebel Madness has a funky print and nice quality corsetry mesh.

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I'm a little late for the party. I just now found out about the tons of BBRae in Beast Boy's audition script for the live action series and I'm dying of cuteness overload. Do you got any headcannons already thought for them in that universe? If BBRae does end up being a thing in it, I'll be the happiest person on the planet. It's been way too long...

Hah! :D It’s pretty cute, yes, and I do have some headcanons, but first. I’d like to remind people not to get overly excited just yet. Audition scripts aren’t usually actual parts of the REAL script, but they do embody what they want from the character. Also, this is DC, so take everything with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve misled us. I’m not trying to be a Debbie-downer, but I just don’t want folks getting their hopes up only to be let down later on. So please, keep that in mind. 

NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF. No shocker here, but the script, to me, came off as a really good beginning to a friendship and, eventual romance (especially factoring in the ages of both Teagan and our potential Gar). So, most of my headcanons will be friendship based because this sounds like a slowburn (like it SHOULD be with BBRae, honestly). 

I’m also not sure if they’ll be using Gar’s background story that they gave in the script, but I think it’s super interesting, so.

- Rae notices that Gar is just super grateful for everything he has and that it’s somehow blinded him to his ‘father’s’ cruelty. She genuinely feels awful because she knows he doesn’t deserve that, so she tries to help him see how much better off he can be. 

- Rae and Gar relate to being outcasts and treated differently by others, with Raven teased at school, and Gar feeling like he has to hide who he is in the event he scares people away. 

- Neither of them have had real friendship, so it’s a whole new experience for them. Gar waits for Rae’s classes to finish and they hang out together. They went to a mall once and ogled all the nice clothes and expensive things. 

- Rae took Gar to a gaming store, and they spent about two hours in there with him excitedly talking about the various games and accessories. She doesn’t get the hype, but she knows she loves how happy it makes him.

- Rae saves up some allowance and buys Gar a funky, animal print t-shirt he liked (but couldn’t afford). It was the first time he hugged her tight, and the first time Raven blushed. 

- He sits with her every day at lunch. The kids start making fun of him, but he’d sooner have them pick on him than laugh at her. Raven’s tried to tell him to go, especially when they start calling them a freak couple, but he stands his ground. Words never bothered him much anyways. Eventually, they go off somewhere else (like a nearby park) for lunch instead, away from the school. 

- Rae takes the time to teach Gar some of the stuff she’s learned in school, since he can’t attend. She finds he’s actually a really quick learner, and he helps her study for her tests.

- Gar will turn into various animals and allow Raven to touch and examine them. The sheer awe and fascination in her eyes as she observes him makes his heart swell with emotion.

- They hold hands sometimes. Gar was feeling bold, and Raven liked the physical contact and how warm his fingers were. Neither really says anything about it, too comfortable with the action to mind and too shy to think further on it. 

- It’s Raven that gives Gar a reason to finally fight back. When he discovers she’s in trouble, he doesn’t even hesitate to leave the house after her, even when his ‘father’ threatened him. 

- He finds Raven’s powers fascinating, and he can sit there listening to her talk forever. 

- When Raven’s adoptive mom makes her go to a school dance, and Raven is teased and bullied by her peers, ruining her dress and forcing her to leave before her emotions and her powers cause more trouble, she runs to the nearby forest in the dead of night where she stumbles upon Gar. Seeing how shaken and upset she is, he brings her to a secret clearing in the woods by a small lake, hums a tune and asks her to dance with him. She doesn’t really know how, but they basically sway in the same spot while he keeps humming his song.

- They manage to get Gar a cheap, basic flip phone, if only so they can always stay in touch. They often text late into the night. Gar was upset he couldn’t play candy crush on it, though. 

If the Muse albums were people
  • Showbiz: The really punk rock kid who writes sad poems all the time and seems angry but is actually super sweet and caring. Will 100% make sure you're okay if they see you crying and give you some life-changing advice.
  • Origin Of Bliss: The super intense person who always has weird ideas and enough energy to start riots. Probably talks really loudly but it's okay 'cause everyone is too fascinated by them to care.
  • Absolution: The really deep, philosophical person that can also be super romantic and everybody thinks they're hot af (probably has great cheekbones and amazing hair too)
  • Black Holes and Revelations: That weirdo who's totally obsessed with aliens and flashy aesthetics and wears sweatshirts with funky prints all the time and has a tumblr where they reblog abstract .gifs
  • The Resistance: The really delicate person who looks like the world's biggest sweetheart but when you piss them off they will tear you apart. Probably carries a copy of '1984' all the time.
  • The 2nd Law: The kid who's really into avangarde stuff and has mood swings all the time and always talks about super fascinating conspiracy theories
  • Drones: That person who feels every emotion really intensely and will take you on really cool adventures if you become friends with them. They probably think a lot and then start talking really randomly and blow your mind

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I loooove your blog ! One quick question: do you have any easy diy for a beanie ? From a fellow diyer :) (does that word even exist)

Hello! Thank you for your kind words!

I have a few easy DIY beanies lying around…

DIY Slouchy Beanie Sewing Pattern

Use an old t-shirt you don’t wear anymore! USE SOME FUNKY PATTERNS! FUN PRINTS! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

How-To: Turn a Sweater into a Hat

Again, reuse some old clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore! Or go to a thrift store for a sweater if you don’t have any you’re willing to slice up. This is an alternative to knitting a beanie, but will require a bit of sewing. 

DIY No Sew Beanie from a Sweater

If you have a sweater to turn into a beanie, but don’t want to sew.

Simple Slouch Hat Knitting Pattern

If you are a knitter, this will be a quick cast on, cast off! 

But no worries if you don’t know how to knit, this basic pattern is perfect for beginners!

Knit Fisherman Ribbed Hipster Hat

Another quick knit!

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,920

A/N: Part 7 to the Raindrops series. You all asked for this, I hope you like it! And again, I couldn’t do it w.o Fem! Let me know if you want a part 8! I honestly never intended this series to go past a third or fourth part, but here I am. So let me know if you want a part eight, otherwise I could literally just end it with this. (It’s a pretty open ending) 

_ _ _ _ _ 

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6

“Who are you?”

The man’s grip was tight on your upper arms.

“Dean, Y/N. It’s Dean.” His eyes searched yours for something you couldn’t remember. You began to wriggle free from his grip when he let go and stood back, allowing you to adjust.

You didn’t want to speak. Nothing you would say would help figure out the situation.

“Y/N?” Green eyes said a name you assumed was yours.

You looked up at him.

“You don’t remember anything?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t.” You apologized quietly as you sat on the bed. The only thing you did know was the pain in your head was growing by the second.

The taller man cleared his throat.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked, “Dean?”

“Yeah.” The man named Dean nodded and followed the other one outside the room you were in.

“What the hell is going on?” Dean demanded an answer.

“I think she has amnesia, Dean. She was already concussed and now we find her on the floor?” Sam explained, “There’s no other explanation. She must’ve…hit her head when she fell, which triggered the memory loss.”

Dean clenched his jaw, “No.”

“No, what? Dean, she can’t even remember her own name!” Sam motioned towards the door.

You heard muffled shouting outside your door. You knew it was about you. Gripping at your head, you stood up and began to search the room. A bag lay by the closet door. Opening it, clothing spilled out that seemed like they could fit you.

Standing up slowly, you walked over to the door and swung it open. Both men turned to you with wide eyes. Thoughts raced through your mind; perhaps they kidnapped you, and you should be trying to escape. Yet, something felt familiar and safe. So you just stared back at them, blank.

“Are you OK?” Dean asked.

“Except for the memory loss, I think so.” You shrugged. “My head though,” You removed your hand from your forehead, “It’s pounding.”

“You’re bleeding.” Dean stepped closer to you and you tensed.

“Can I clean the cut?” He asked. You looked between the two men, then nodded.

He motioned for you to follow him. He led you to a bathroom.

“Nice toothbrush.” You said, looking at the pink handle with hearts printed on it.

“That’s yours.” Dean smiled and took out a bandage from the cabinet.

“I like pink hearts?” You asked.

Dean nodded, “Don’t go losing that personality of yours that I lo-” He paused, “like.”

“I don’t even know what I’m like.” You sat down on the toilet seat cover. Dean carefully wiped away the blood and stuck a bandage on. His hands were rough, yet gentle.

“You’re sarcastic.” He said as he threw out the wrapper.

“Good to know.” You stood up and stared at yourself in the mirror. Dean looked at you from the corner of his eye. Your demeanor was nearly unrecognizable. An hour ago, you were smiling up at him, making a silly joke. Now you stood, rigid. Everything you said sounded completely emotionless.

Meanwhile, Sam went to the library to find anything that could cure you. Whether it be a spell, potion, or deal - he searched every possibility.

“Do you want something to eat?” Dean asked, turning to you.

“Sure.” You followed him outside of the bathroom and became mesmerized by the size of the space you were in. The hallways didn’t seem to end. When you finally reached the steps, they opened into a grand room where books were stacked high.

Dean watched your eyes wander around the place the same way they did the first time he brought you inside the bunker.

“What’s his name?” You asked Dean quietly.

“That’s my brother. Sammy.” He introduced as you continued to follow Dean through the room until you reached the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat? I can make pretty much anything.” He said.

You took a seat at what looked like a picnic table. “I don’t know. Salad, maybe?”

“You hate salad.” He said before regretting it. “But, I can still make it if you want-”

“I trust you on that. So, what do I like?” You cut him off.

Dean opened the freezer and took out some meat, “I’m pretty sure you’ll like a burger.”

You shrugged. “I’ll try it.”

Dean sighed and opened the package. You watched him as he moved around the kitchen gracefully. He obviously spent a lot of time in there.

“What is this place?” You asked suddenly. Dean looked over his shoulder from where he was grilling the burger.

“Home.” Dean answered quickly, “It’s a bunker, actually.”

“Well, what are all those books for?” You asked.

“We…” Dean racked his brain for an explanation as to why each and every one of those books contained the supernatural. “Research.”

Oil popped.

“And I…?”

“Work with me and Sammy.” Dean said.

You looked down at your clothing. The shirt you were wearing was definitely not your size. It hung off of your frame loosely, much too long for you. It was a men’s t-shirt. You looked up at Dean quizzically. There was something he wasn’t telling you; but you left the conversation to rest.

The socks you wore made you smile.

“What?” Dean said. He had been watching you.

“My socks are…funny.” You looked at the monkeys that smiled back at you. For the first time, Dean smiled.

“What?” It was your turn to ask.

“It’s good that you think that.”


“You’re getting your personality back. You love funky prints like that.” He said and you thought back to the toothbrush littered with hearts.

“Dean!” His brother came rushing into the kitchen. “We could try calling Castiel, maybe he could help her with her memory.”

Dean looked at you. “Would you be up for it?”

“Is he a doctor?” You asked. Dean looked at Sam.

“Yeah.” Both brothers said in unison.

“I’ll uh, go call him.” Sam walked out from the kitchen.

“There’s a phone right here.” You motioned at the wall phone. Sam continued walking.

Dean slid you a plate with a perfect looking burger on it. He waited for your reaction as you bit into it.

“I think I like burgers.” You said with a full mouth. “A lot.”

Dean exhaled relief and placed his palms flat on the counter. It was cool to the touch.

“Where is she?” An unfamiliar voice echoed towards you and you looked up quickly. It was deep and raspy.

Dean had only just realized that you had never met Cas before.

“Y/N, this is Cas.” Dean introduced you to a man in a trenchcoat with blue eyes that you practically got lost in.

Before you could protest, he raised two fingers to your forehead and you felt a tingle run down your spine.

“Something’s wrong.” Cas removed his fingers from your forehead and you stepped back quickly, stumbling into Dean. Your back hit his chest and he gripped your shoulders, stabilizing you. His embrace felt familiar. You didn’t step away from him.

“What do you mean something’s wrong?” Dean asked, not minding that you were still pressed against him.

“It’s going to take more than my grace to fix her.”

“Grace?” You asked, looking between the three men. “What the hell is going on?”

“Come, I’ll explain everything.” Dean said.

“I’m not coming anywhere until you tell me what the hell he’s talking about.” You moved away from Dean.

“He’s an angel.” Dean spit out.

Your lips parted.

“And, we thought maybe he could restore your memories.” Sam explained.

“I’m supposed to believe this?”

Dean dropped his head into his hand.

“Y/N,” Sam turned to you, “He’s not lying.”

“You guys are crazy.” You stepped back until your back hit the wall. “I need to- I-” Without another word you began to sprint back to the room that you came from before.

_ _ _ _ _

“Now what?” Dean crossed his arms.

“We could just tell her the truth.” Sam suggested. “And if she wants to, she’ll stay. It’s her choice.”

Castiel furrowed his brows, “Would you like me to try again?”

Dean pursed his lips before saying, “No. We just need to give her time. Maybe she’ll start remembering things.”

Sam shrugged. “It’s a possibility.”

“Thanks, Cas.” Dean placed a hand on the angel’s shoulder.

Sam sighed, “I’ll keep reading.”

_ _ _ _ _

There was no clock in the room. The walls were bare. It would have been extremely unsettling if you hadn’t already felt a familiarity with the area. Laying down, you tried to remember anything. It was like trying to grab something, and being unable to reach it.

“Did I have a favorite color?” You whispered to yourself. Apparently, you liked to talk to yourself. “Or candy?”

“Gummy bears.” Dean opened the door. You hadn’t even bothered to shut it when you ran inside.

“What?” You propped yourself up on one elbow.

“Your favorite candy. Gummy bears.”

“Oh.” You dropped your head back down onto the bed.

He sat down on the edge of the table. One leg was pressed firmly against the floor, while the other swung.

“We didn’t mean to freak you out.” He said, “But, until you get your memories back, anything we say will probably scare you.”

You didn’t answer. You didn’t know what to say.

“But if you want, I’ll tell you everything. All of it.” He offered.

“I’d like that.” You said, still staring at the ceiling.

So Dean began to tell you everything, just like he said he would. He started by explaining that you were apparently a hunter. You had met him and his brother while undercover for a ghost case.

“Ghost?” You had asked when he said it. Eventually, the story became more recent as he explained to you what a shapeshifter was, and what one of these shifters had done to you. You looked down at your wrists and saw he was right, they were bruised.

“Your back.” He said. You ran your fingers down the raw skin. You hadn’t even felt the pain of the cuts, having been too focused on trying to regain your memory.

“I should’ve gotten to you faster.” He looked down at the floor, then up at you, “I shouldn’t have let you get taken away in the first place.” His gaze was set hard on you. Regret filled his voice, and you had no choice but to believe him. Somehow, you felt that you had trusted him before.

“So, monsters are real?” You asked, finally sitting up completely.

Dean nodded. “And we kill ‘em.”

“So, we’re superheroes?”

He let out a low laugh and lifted himself off the table.

“Anyways, how are you holding up?” Dean asked.

You moved over to the edge of the bed, where you sat pretzel legged.

“Five by five.” The words felt natural. Perhaps you said this often.

You looked up to find Dean looking at you, one brow raised as if to say, ‘Really?’

“Truth?” You began, “It hurts so much. Not the head pain, though. That’s subsiding. It’s the memories that hurt. Well, the lack of them.”

“We’ll get them back. I promise.” He reassured.

“I don’t know, Dean. I keep trying and trying, but I hit nothing. God, I don’t even know what my favorite color is!” Tears built up in your eyes. Dean walked over and sat next to you. His bright eyes remained steady on yours.

“Maybe green.” You said quietly.