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Astro Returns With Smooth New ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ Video

BILLBOARD || Tamar Herman (November 1, 2017)

The effervescent nu-disco, synth-pop track is the lead single off the boy band’s ‘Dream, Part. 02’ EP.

Rising Korean group Astro made their return Wednesday (Nov. 1) with the Dream, Part. 02 EP and its lead single, “Crazy Sexy Cool.”

Following the boy band’s May release “Baby,” the new effervescent nu-disco, synth-pop track has a lilting and bright vibe with groovy rhythmic strings and a snapping beat driving much of the melody.

A bit of a divergence and maturing from Astro’s more hyperactive, electronically-driven past singles, the new song is produced by songwriting team LDN Noise, which has produced some of K-pop’s biggest hits in recent years, including Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb,” f(x)’s “4 Walls,” and, most recently, EXO’s “Power.” The team co-wrote the song with frequent collaborator Adrian Mckinnon.

Along with “Crazy Sexy Cool,” the Dream, Part. 02 features four other songs: the summery house track “With You,” the soaring “Butterfly,” the mellow pop-rock “Run” and the ballad “Better With You.”

While released the day after Halloween, the music video for Astro’s new single offers up a bit of a creepy mystery as the band members are woken from their sleep and surprised by a mysterious, otherworldly silhouette, who they can’t help but fall for and attempt to confess their love. A variety of comically cute moments are interspersed with several cut scenes featuring the members in funky suit ensembles outside an industrial space, where they perform the stylized, playful choreography of the dance.

Through a variety of television show appearances and performances at both KCON 2016 and 2017 in Los Angeles, Astro’s quickly grown a sizeable following among international K-pop fans ever since they released their first album Spring Up in February of last year. Four of the band’s EPs have ranked on the World Albums chart, with Spring Up, Dream, Part.01 and Summer Vibes each peaking at No. 6.


We didn’t suspect anything was wrong until we reached Santa Monica.
As soon as we turned off the freeway, we were shrouded in thick, cold fog,
like one big gray cotton swab. Everywhere.

“Damn!” said Jim. I said worse. A beach isn’t much good
in the fog.

We drove around trying to find John and Bill, but there was no trace.

“Are you hungry?” asked Jim.

“I’m always hungry,” I answered.

“Pull in over there…”

Over there was Olivia’s Place, a rundown diner politely described as funky.
The outside was old, faded pink, inside was old, faded green.
There was a tapestry of JFK over the cash register, a faded landscape on the wall,
a shiny jukebox. plastic booths, and a menu written in pencil.

Jim ordered liver and onions. I ordered coffee.

“I thought you were always hungry,” he teased.