funky metal

Okay Kaiba, if you’re such an expert on fashion, let’s break down some of your outfits.

Outfit #1

A purple trench coat over a green dress shirt and green pants. Stylin color combination.

Outfit #2

A sleeveless white trench coat (is that even a thing? do they make sleeveless trench coats?) with red lining, a high collar, studs, and pointy shoulder pads. Worn over a black shirt, black pants made of what looks like–what, leather, rubber?

–with a pair of belts tied around each leg, matching belts around each arm, some kind of funky metal bracelets…

…and heels. Guess that explains why his height varies wildly from shot to shot.

Outfit #3

The Best-of-Both-Worlds Trench Coat: even purpler than Trench Coat 1, and with even pointier shoulder pads than Trench Coat 2. Worn over a black turtleneck, with the same bracelet/arm cuff/whatever thingies from outfit #2. 

This ensemble shows up a lot in scenes where he’s in his office doing day-to-day Kaiba Corp business.

Maybe he thinks the loafers make it business casual.

In conclusion: nice outifts, dork.

roswell’s bizarre ufo crash highlights:
  • spin the yarn, tommy bahama
  • “that’s a dumbass question, of course you are, you’re fucking shane”
  • “don’t try to paint me as a–” “i’ll paint you however i want” “you– what?” “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want”
  • “you’d paint me in your free time?” “yeah” chill out lads
  • shane’s terrible game of thrones pun
  • you know that’s a weather balloon you idiot
  • that was some funky funky metal
  • “the martians are here!”
  • there weren’t people in ancient rome saying “flying saucer!”
  • “eh we’ve all done it” “no”
  • (sniffs) yeah i’ll take a bite of that
  • shane laughing at said tinfoil hat
  • “heh, i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction”
  • “no it’s not ufos you stupid piece of shit”
  • clearly he’s got a good eye for detecting what’s not bullshit
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy, i don’t know how it flew” “jimmy i think that ship was bedevilled” 
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane
  • “leave my house, town dunce”

this was yet another gem i’m living!!! 

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, violence, explosions, mean aliens, pie

A/N: I have no idea what come over me, or why I’m suddenly delving into the Marvel franchise headfirst. All I know, is this is pretty long, but then again, I did write it. I have no self-control, I swear. Enjoy!


“Barnes!” you gasp, lying flat on the ground where you’ve been thrown by the explosion of a nearby car. You’re really getting sick of being knocked around all the time, tossed through the air by some kind of freaking alien or asshole in a suit.

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humanliliane  asked:

plot twist to the 'first time hearing your partner sing' the devil is very good in heavy metal. ( or funky music like the king of rock n' roll)

Ohhh I like the idea of him being good at singing as well 0w0)

Between the two I’ll probably go with rock ‘n roll. Mostly ‘cause it makes me think of this:

BuzzFeed Unsolved - Supernatural: Season 3 quotes pt. 2

  • “Why you gotta be nervous with a beautiful sunset like that?”
  • “Can you look even a little bit worried?”
  • “I don’t know why I phrased it, ‘lucky for us,’ that… I think I was feeling brave when I wrote this.”
  • “I kinda wish this bridge was torn down.”
  • “You feel that? You feel the goatman energy?”
  • “I don’t like it when you say his name.”
  • “Children will come and tell tales of me.”
  • “I’m gonna murder you.”
  • “Now I don’t even have my hand ready on my pistol.”
  • “If you want me off the bridge, you’re gonna have to throw me off.”
  • “Give me a heads up if you start to feel murderous.”
  • “We’re here for cult stuff. We saw the ad on Craigslist.”
  • “I’m about to die for the internet.”
  • “If you can’t spell your name then this bridge is officially mine.”
  • “As we snuff these candles, so too do we snuff you from this mortal world, you fucking wimp.”
  • “Smells like shit here.”
  • “Smells a little musty.”
  • “I’m gonna lose my mind in here.”
  • “Do you think on any of these adventures you’ll ever truly sort of have a psychic break?”
  • “This is actually now a Halloween attraction.”
  • “It’s still very much an abandoned hellscape.”
  • “Yeah, this is kind of what the apocalypse would look like. In micro form.”
  • “I get a vibe here, it’s sort of like the Avengers headquarters.”
  • “Why would you get that vibe?”
  • “You know, you’re right. As I scan around this place definitely screams high tech.”
  • “If your last name is Fear, and you receive a doctorate, I believe it is your moral responsibility to be a bad person.”
  • “Oh my god, this room is fucking horrifying.”
  • “I’m trying to fight the fact that I’m fucking terrified right now.”
  • “Hello, spirits. We’re here with good vibes.”
  • “That looks like Twilight Zone.”
  • “You have a very sly, evil smile on right now. I don’t like it.”
  • “I have a crazy hunch that your eyes are gonna play tricks on you, and you’re going to lose your mind.”
  • “Try to rationalize it all you want but you know it’s a ghost.”
  • “I’m just gonna phase you out right now.”
  • “Here’s a hallway no-one in their right mind would walk down because it has a thousand doors.”
  • “You seem rattled right now.”
  • “70 years later we’re still debating about it.”
  • “This is the Holy Grail of alien stories in my opinion.”
  • “I don’t know all the details. Desert, government, aliens, etc.”
  • “You’re clearly on the skeptic side here, already going in, right?”
  • “That’s a dumbass question.”
  • “I’ll paint you however I want.”
  • “You paint me in your free time?”
  • “So much bureaucracy here.”
  • “It’s gonna be the game of phones.”
  • “You sit here for this photograph! You know that’s a weather balloon, idiot!”
  • “It was not anything from this earth, that I’m sure of.”
  • “That was some funky, funky metal.”
  • “You would walk up to it and be like, ‘the end is niiigh!’“
  • “You’d go runnin’ through town, ringin’ a bell. ‘The Martians are here! Lock yourselves in your basements!’“
  • “What I would do is maybe I’d do that, running towards it. Then I’d get close and be like, ‘oh, it’s fucking tongue depressors and Elmer’s glue’ ‘cause that’s what it was. Balsa wood sticks!”
  • “You gotta keep it light if you want it to float.”
  • “That looks like the thing I’d put my tea on, but it’s levitating!”
  • “If I’m trying to remember what I had for breakfast a year ago, yeah I’m gonna be a little foggy on that. But, if I’m remembering the time I saw alien bodies, thrown from a wreckage, I think I’m gonna remember that quite clear, and when it happened.”
  • “Are you putting on a tinfoil hat?”
  • “I just don’t want you to have any satisfaction.”
  • “I thought it would be funny, but I realize now I look like a fool.”
  • “So you’re saying they send someone out in the ocean and be like, ‘oh man, I didn’t find Godzila out here. We should start a program about finding Godzilla!’“
  • “Well, even though that is dripping with sarcasm and is definitely not genuine, I’ll take it. Score one.”
  • “Case closed. Leave my house, town dunce.”

alexturntable  asked:

Ok so AM finally hire you as their stylist and you do an awesome job (obviously) so Mr. Miles Kane decides to ask you for some fashion advice for his upcoming tour, the question is how would you style Miles Kane?

Alright Rodaina, I’m ready. And I’m so happy AM love me as their stylist. Dream job. Hahaha.

So, the thing with Miles Kane is this: he can literally wear anything. He has the perfect physique for fashion samples, too. Typically you want the guy to have a triangle-shaped frame; wide shoulders down to a tapered, slender waist. Miles has that. Not to mention those long legs. He would be the ideal body type to dress (or undress… 😏). I get really excited when I see Miles doing any kind of fashion editorial. The man should’ve been a model. Seriously. He understands  how to pose, what facial expressions to make, and he does this amazing thing where he looks into the camera and it feels like he’s staring you down and into your soul; and that connection is so good. To me, he looks classically British and I would emphasize that aspect of him but keep him modern and current. He’s got a worldly, jet-setter, ‘I’ve-got-wanderlust-and-I-look great-in-every-major-city-and-I-didn’t-even-try-that-hard’ kind of look. Effortless and cool. With loads of sex appeal.

I would keep Miles in all tight, tapered pants. With a bit of elasticity. Have you seen the way that boy bends and stretches?? The fabric should be something he could move around on stage in. Lots of great jackets and blazers, bold colors, sleek fabrics, and some fantastic accessories like animal print boots, classic black loafers (but maybe with more of an elongated shape) and some shades. 

Paul Smith is a British designer who’s known for his tailoring and for putting twists on classic British pieces like the school uniforms with bright stripes, patterns, and contrasting colors. (He’s also been knighted by the Queen because of all he’s done for British fashion, so there’s that.) 

I think Miles would look amazing in a lot of his pieces, especially the fall 2017 read-to-wear looks. I love the mixed prints, bold colors and of course the snakeskin boots. I’m actually dying over those boots. I would try and get Miles to incorporate other types of animal prints besides cheetah and leopard. I would also get him in that cranberry-colored suit immediately. He would kill in that outfit. And if he didn’t like the boots, I wouldn’t mind it with some loafers sans socks either. 

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[ ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism ] Bolero!

Bolero! Bolero!
声を上げろ 吠えろ!

朝が 夜を 太陽で燃やしたら
俺の テンションは Funkyで Latinで Metallic

胸に潜む 弱さをサッと蹴飛ばし
描いた 夢に 勇敢に 果敢に突き進め

あの夜の 涙のブルーが 長い時間を越えて 煌めく

駆け抜けろ 夢の果て そこで祝福を待て
お前が輝くまで この歌は鳴り響く
惚れろ! 惚れろ! いつも俺ら ついてんぞ!

朝が 夜を 太陽で燃やしたら
俺の テンションは Hardcoreで Latinで Fantastic

黙っていたら 時間は過ぎていくだけ
恐れんな くじけんな You can go wherever you wanna go!

つまずいても 振り返らないで 信じた道だけを Goin’ on

駆け抜けた その先に 道が続いていたって
何度でも走り出せ お前は独りじゃない

駆け抜けろ 夢の果て そこで祝福を待て
お前が輝くまで この歌は鳴り響く

駆け抜けた その先に 道が続いていたって
何度でも走り出せ お前は独りじゃない

Bolero! Bolero!
声を上げろ 吠えろ!

Mario Kart 9 Roster Prediction:

Donkey Kong
Metal Mario
Green Metal Mario
Wooden Wario
Pink Gold Peach
Orange Silver Daisy
Blue Bronze Rosalina
Baby Dry Bowser
Baby Metal Mario
Dry Baby Luigi
Gold Baby Peach
Dry Metal Baby Daisy
Baby ParaRosalina
Funky Kong
Old Metal Waluigi
Baby Metal Larry
Baby Metal Morton
Baby Metal Iggy
Baby Metal Lemmy
Baby Metal Roy
Baby Metal Wendy
Baby Metal Ludwig
Dry Funky Kong
Green Gold Baby Honey Queen
Dry Pink Gold Metal Baby Funky ParaHoney Queen Jr.