funky jd


“Ahh, I don’t know. Probably row out to the middle of a lake somewhere, bring along a bottle of Tequila, my sax and… some bac'”

my reminder to the fandom that JD plays the saxophone… 
don’t try and tell me that he didn’t learn Careless Whisper to serenade Veronica

wow wow wow

Kim Jong Dae wow wow

last time i saw u, u were so cute like adorable like friendly sunshine kawaii and u waved to to and ur smile shine like a diamond.he looked exactly like this,i still have feels kei

and in the teaser fucking bammm

ur fucking gorgeous and sexy and ur voice ho god the lord is testing us

and ur fucking presh w ur waeee and aegyo ish voice and ur cute ass personality and sassiness

im sr for all those time lbr at the beginning he was one of the member that not a lot of ppl pay attention too.i thought he was ok.sings rlly good,he looks more chinese,but quiet and he isnt the flower manga boy like kris that fans spazz over and slowly he gained fans and they were complaining bout how underrated he was

then Wolf and Growl happened and how wrong i was.e has  fucking god jaw line,a voice that as high as the sky w a smile that screams kawaii.a lovely personality and humor. +10000000 for Chenchen everyone

now im completely sold

im sr bb now pls destroy my life as much as u want no regret