funky house music

Loyal indeed have I become to this UK collective, who’s consistently given us knock out songs for the past year. Premiered the other day by Mistajam on BBC Radio 1 is this new LOYAL jam, Tower Over All. They inundate us with slinky heat and move our souls with a funky groove with their sprawling track. Light and dark dance circles around one another on the shady shifting, lush whirling dazzler. We dance and we swoon to the creamy, buttery vocals that glide ever so effortlessly through Tower Over All’s luxuriant soundscape, so richly permeated with feisty keys and torrid guitar licks. Tower Over All is out now on IAMSOUND. You can also stream via Soundcloud below.


Junior Senior - Move Your Feet 

There’s no denying the infectiousness of Katy Perry’s new Skip Marley featuring hit Chained To The Rhythm, plus it marks a fresh and intriguing departure in sound for the artist with very humble roots. I for one can’t help but love Chained To The Rhythm’s funky hook and pertinent message. And now, I can’t resist this dashing new remix of the track by none other than well loved British outfit Hot Chip. They give the track a choppy house workover that will keep you moving all night long, chained forevermore to its rhythm. You can also stream the remix off of Soundcloud, below.