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Fall Out Boy - I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)

The Church "The Blurred Crusade" (1982)

I have never heard of this band. I can’t really tell much from the album cover and inside gatefold aside from the black and white pictures on the inside that make it look like a pretty traditional rock band, but who knows! The name “The Church” doesn’t exactly telegraph what kind of music this is, nor does the medieval cover. The sleeve itself is super glossy and pleasant to run your hand across.

Alright, let’s solve this mystery!

Oh! This is so pleasant and sweet! The first song is “Almost WIth You,” and I’m glad that the lyrics are included because it’s definitely the kind of singing you want to read the lyrics along with. I really like this song! OMG YES! I really like the guitar solo towards the end, it sounds acoustic sort of. And then the drums just build really nicely with the passionate vocals at the end. I really like these vocals, they sound genuinely passionate not over doing it passionate.

When You Were Mine,” starts with a classic 80s drum beat. Really poppy snare drums which sound like they’re being played in an airplane hanger. Aint nothing wrong with that! And then the guitar really pulls you in. I would enjoy listening to this song in headphones while walking to work. It’s sung by a person who is far away from the person he loves, and he is just talking about all the space between them - time and distance and loss. After the lyrics come in there’s a long guitar solo interlude. It really sounds like it would be fun to play if you played guitar. And then it has a triumphant build up ending. Bravo!

Field of Mars” is kind of reminding me of a combination of Radiohead and Pink Floyd. I like it. It’s pretty and sad and a little psychedelic.

I was right with never having heard of this band before. Wikipedia tells me they’re from Australia. I asked Alex how he knew about them and the said, “I think when I worked at Encore (record store in Ann Arbor) someone told me I should check them out, so I did.”

Interlude,” starts off like a slower song but then gets pretty funky towards a guitar solo in the middle. The lyrics stood out on this one right away for me because they’re sung as dialogue being recounted in the first person. “‘They’re going to send you away,’ she said,” is the first line. That’s a great first line. You could write a story with that first line.

This album is a breath of fresh air! It’s like standing in the sun on an autumn day! On to side two!

So far the songs on side two “Just For You,” and “A Fire Burns,” don’t have that really catchy pop feel that the first two songs on side one had, but it’s still really good. A classic side two vibe, maybe a little more mellow but still songs you really want to listen to.

I really like the lyrics of “To Be In Your Eyes.” “And I’m waking to this aching and it’s breaking me in two.” There’s a very sweet simplicity about this song that I’m connecting with.

You Took,” starts with a real intense guitar solo and then goes into almost just vocals, the instruments get very quiet in the background, it feels like it’s building us up for some high energy. I’m excited. Here come the drums!

Well, that was a great album. I loved it and will definitely play it again. Maybe tomorrow even. I’m so glad I listened to this, and to think I’ve been living with it in my house for a decade and never even knew it existed.