funky flavours

Cantillon, Mamouche 5% abv

Originally brewed by the Brussels beer gods as the limited Zwanze 2009 before getting a regular release, the elderflower infused 2 year old lambic, Mamouche, is one of the mighty Cantillon’s beers I’ve had no luck sourcing. ‘Til now! Massive thanks must go my awesome and hugely generous Instagram friend, Neil (aka; bluezulu) for sending me this. 

'Tis a light, medium bodied, moderately sour and funky brew with flavours of old hay, discarded socks, and inquisitive polecats. There’s some cider vinegar here, crabapples, and those easily identifiable but not full-on elderflowers bring nice floral notes that turn to old plant water in time for the long, dry finish. Yeah, I loved it!