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All We Know (Chapter 2)

Summary: After a disastrous date, you hope to never see Bucky Barnes again. But after a horrible accident, you and Bucky are forced to team up to do the unthinkable – raise a child
Characters: Bucky, reader, mentions of Clint and Natasha
Warnings: none yet
Word count: 824
A/N: Here’s part 2. I hope you enjoy it! <3 Let me know what you think!

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You and Bucky sat at a nearby Starbucks, both staring at your untouched hot drinks. Bucky’s face was pale, his brows were furrowed together in thought. You could only imagine you looked the same. You were now guardians to a child, Nat and Clint’s daughter. You loved Emily, she was a bright child, soon to be a year old. You remembered all the barbecues and parties Nat and Clint used to have. People always gathered in the backyard, sitting on funky chairs that Clint built himself, chatting about life, children, work. Typical parent stuff. You never really fit in with the crowd, always being the single one. You’d seen Bucky at most of the parties too, he was best friends with Clint. Unlike you, he always had a different girl around him every time. Both of you were there when Nat gave birth to little Emily. You remember holding her in your arms, Bucky looking over your shoulder. That’s when Nat suggested you two should go out, have some fun. Never again.

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The right kind of bad with the wrong kind of good

        Barry didn’t know where he was. All he knew was that, one minute, he was running after his boyfriend, trying to give him the engagement ring he’d snuck in Barry’s pocket back, and the next, Barry was chasing after a group of men who threw a bag over Len’s head and dragged him away.

           After that, it was like an acid trip. Barry chased the man through an alley, only to see him jump through a mirror. Barry hadn’t been able to slow down in time before he skidded into the mirror and fell through the glass.

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Strip. This area has been a longtime favorite which made it more difficult because I was looking for something that would not repeat what I’ve previously done. Here is the Produce Terminal, which will soon be developed. Recently I’ve noticed a flower vendor selling roses while seated on this funky office chair. Being there so early on a Sunday morning allowed me to absorb the isolation and quiet sadness of the scene. Then it hit me, Early Sunday Morning. That is the title of Edward Hopper’s famous painting completed in 1930, and now in the Whitney collection.

Hopper once said, “The inner life of a human being is a vast and varied realm and does not concern itself alone with stimulating arrangements of color, form, and design.” He was a master at creating work that translated his inner life to a canvas.


House to Home: Updating the Old Place. 

Since it’s been so cold and snowing (which is crazy for Atlanta- as I’m sure you’ve heard) I have been stuck in my house much more than usual. This has lead to me becoming one of those crazy people who watches HGTV and is constantly on furniture websites and DIY blogs. My husband and I have never really had a nice house like this before, nor have we been able to furnish by picking out our own pieces. We’ve been moving the same hand-me-downs into weird little rentals for years. So when we moved into my old childhood home, I knew I wanted to really make it look different from how it did when I was a kid, and I wanted to really make it our place. Here are a few of the somewhat finished areas of the downstairs that we just finished. (If you’ve ever re-done your house, you know it’s kind of never fully finished!) I’m bummed I did not take “before” pictures, as it looked completely different! 

My husband and I really wanted a homey, grown-up feel but with lots of whimsy and fun (we’re kind of hippies at heart, if you can’t tell.) We had inherited so much stuff that was black, white, and red- which was great for a few years, but we really wanted to add a lot of color into our super-beige and neutral house. 

Where I got some pieces:

Living Room: Rug, coffee table and map art are all from The couches are super comfy, and from Rooms-To-Go scracth & dent. The new built-in bookshelves and the funky accent chair are from Ikea. Pillows, blanket, curtains, and red table all on sale at Target. The rest is from Homegoods, thrifted, and random finds. 

Eat-in kitchen: My husband made our farmhouse table, and I stained and painted it. A Pinterest success! The chairs are Ikea, and the baker’s rack is Target. 

Foyer: The art was a wedding gift, and the sticks are my wedding centerpieces repurposed! The mirror is from Pier One, and the red cabinet is Target as well. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me or comment below! I will be doing more DIY projects and renovations in the coming months. If you want to keep up, I post a lot of my projects on Instagram! You can also stay up to date on Facebook and see what ideas I’ve got coming up in my Pinterest boards. :)

cacovulpes  asked:

it would be awesome if you wrote some rhack where they get funky in jacks chair. maybe some fluff if you like :o

a/n: warning for daddy kink

“C’mere kitten.” He felt a hand tugging at his pants, pulling him toward the other man, and Rhys can’t help it as his eyes roll upward. 


The files in his hands are taken, set on the spacious desk as he’s set in the others lap. Crossing his arms over his chest, he looked at Jack with a raised brow, clearly annoyed. Though he can’t deny, there’s a thrill of excitement at being with Jack like this. It was something he thought he’d only ever dream of, but now he held Jack’s attention. 

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