funky breaks

So I live at the corner of an intersection in a small town. Two of those corners are graveyards/cemeteries. And, first, people always ask me if I’m freaked out about that, and I’m like… “No??? I played every day as a child in those graveyards like… of course I’m not freaked out by them”)

But sometimes I think about the fact that almost every other day a car breaks down or stalls in the middle of the intersection, or that there’s constantly near accidents, or just plain accidents. I can’t tell you how many pedestrians or bicyclists almost get hit. And how the street light often flickers or randomly goes out. Just the other day a huge truck literally drove into the fence of one of the graveyards, doing a turn that he definitely could have made perfectly.

I’m not saying I live in a haunted section of my hometown, but… I may live in a haunted section of my hometown.

Happy Friday. We go around and up and get down. For your headz and buttz. enjoy. Tracklist 1. Antiplot - Live Low vs. Theodore Dalrymple - Marie Antoinnetism/Social Reform 2. Kaido - Two Minutes Passed 3. Rockers HiFi meets Kruder & Dorfmeister - Going Under 4. IceKream x ManuMan - Strager Tingz 5. Squnto - Sayim 6. Shenoda - All Ears (Mr. G. Remix) 7. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (Ludwix Remix) 8. Woz’ - HBK 9. Frogs in Socks - All This Madness (Elio Stereo Brings it Back ReWork) 10. Submotion Orchestra - Jaffa ft. Still (MOTSA Remix) 11. Marcel Vogel - I Got Jesus (Karizma Stomp Dub) 12. Double Stack - M.F.T.D. (Frogs in Socks Slime Remix) w/ Smokey & Craig - Koolaid 13. Dusky - Sunsets & Dolphins 14. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Rocking Blue Mix) 15. Thomas VX - Snow in Julyl 16. Air - Modular Mix w/ Ralph Fiennes monologue from ‘Sunshine’ mixesedmhousetechnotrapdiscoBreakbeatminimalElectro HouseFunky
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Horrible news from the Fort Knox Five camp:

“Dear friends and fans. 

We are saddened to share the news that our brother & partner, Jon Horvath, is in critical condition at a hospital in Canada. His family has asked for privacy as they deal with this and, at this time, his personal Facebook page is currently not accepting any posts. Jon has always been the first to come to the aid of others and corral the power of positive thinking and we encourage you to send Jon your love, thoughts and positive vibes. Please feel free to express yourselves and send well wishes through this Fort Knox Five page. 

Thank you all for your love and concern.”

Skeewiff “Man Turns Animal” - the latest release in the drip-feed of pre-release tracks off their new album, of which this is the title track. Stay up-to-date with the ad hoc Soundcloud set.

…for the erotic pleasure of women… and men!

Originally released on a Pedigree Cuts comp last year, so familiar to some, it finally has a proper home as a title track.

Naturally.. No-one had a bad trip. It was all very good.

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