funky alternatives


With a confident roar (quite literally), gifted Los Angeles based artist NoMBe returns with a new taste from his highly anticipated debut album. Freak Like Me, which also arrives with a 360 degree music video, is a fanged seductive, foxy sly electro soul jam. We’ve known for a few years now how dexterous NoMBe is when it comes to fusing genres. He does it here with aplomb, infusing that electro soul with plenty of alt rock and dirty funk. The final assemblage is nothing short of provocative and racy. NoMBe is currently releasing his debut album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me” single by single on a month to month basis, purportedly until he runs out of love songs.

Loyal indeed have I become to this UK collective, who’s consistently given us knock out songs for the past year. Premiered the other day by Mistajam on BBC Radio 1 is this new LOYAL jam, Tower Over All. They inundate us with slinky heat and move our souls with a funky groove with their sprawling track. Light and dark dance circles around one another on the shady shifting, lush whirling dazzler. We dance and we swoon to the creamy, buttery vocals that glide ever so effortlessly through Tower Over All’s luxuriant soundscape, so richly permeated with feisty keys and torrid guitar licks. Tower Over All is out now on IAMSOUND. You can also stream via Soundcloud below.


“We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene! Yeah, we’re alright though!”
She’s Kinda Hot grew on me so fast and it’s such a fun song and I am absolutely loving this concept so I had to draw this really quick.