8/31/2014 - Final Minutes of @FunkShui1690 on @CJLO1690am

My, where does the time go?

After 2 years of FunkShui (aka CJLO’s “Other Asian Show”…though I’m sure that’s how they refer to BFTE), our favorite animated and crazy hosts have decided to call it quits, in order to pursue their career endeavors. Marina is heading to McGill and Patricia to Concordia (incidentally, home of CJLO). I

It’s especially sad for me to see them go, since we’ve collaborated together on different projects (not just radio) and the result was always a blast. Those girls are so geeky and nuts at the same time, that it was impossible not to enjoy every moment in their presence! Not only that, but they were the only other show that heavilly took advantage of social media in order to broaden their fanbase. And let’s not forget those awesome Powerpuff Girls-esque promotional drawings of every episode!

I had no choice but to drop in and capture the last few minutes of this awesome show LIVE…and share it with you right here!

You can listen to today’s finale, as well as their past episodes at

(L-R Marina and Patricia of CJLO’s Funkshui)

That said, with shibuya1690’s hiatus and funkshui1690’s retirement, it’s now up to theviberoom-radio and to hold down the Asian-Voice collective at cjlo ! Mel, it’ll be tough without those guys, but we got this! ;)