Hello to all the ‘Reylo’ fam!
So, my sister was having a photoshoot with my funko pops last Tuesday and I showed her the ‘Entertainment Weekly’ picture of Kylo standing behind Rey and she tried to recreate it and this is the result!! I think she did an incredible job and I got so many feeling about the future of Reylo and also for the development of the movie and story. Anyway, I hope you like it guys! Byeeeeee! <3

Photography by: @dimeclau

...Guess what? HIATUS again...

Yes, here we go again… But this time I have a very valid reason. I been doing some more freelance video stuff for a local gym and some photo editing for a cosplayer, so my free time has been reduced in the last 2 weeks, so no new pages.

But, the reason I’ll be –>AWAY UNTIL from NOV.25th UNTIL JANUARY 1ST<– is that I’ll be traveling to Melbourne Australia with my mom. Actually, by the time you see this, I’ll be flying off already :) 

(image from my last trip in October, but the display will be the same in this new adventure, same inanimate travel companions only with much more luggage attached XD)

I have a wedding to attend and will be staying for a month, because for what we paid for the tickets we better stay there for a nice amount of time XD It will be my second visit to Down Under, first time was almost 11 years ago, so I’m very excited!

I could’ve tried to push out a page this last week, but we still had packing to do and getting everything ready for a very long trip (give or take 24 hours to be exact, from departure to arrival). I won’t be able to check in all that much, because my family is a bit anti-internet, so I won’t be reblogging on my other tumblr either. Later let me know what goodies I missed.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know, stay safe while I’m away and have some great festive celebrations <3 I’ll be back in January!