funko pop!thorin

So I finally got around to clearing away my swag bag from Monday’s taping of The Cloneversation, and… well… this happened. 

Multi-fandom #CloneClub reppin’!

Only 30 more minutes until it airs on the East coast!

and now for another riveting installment of "the adventures of funko pop!thorin"

thorin oakenshield seems to have run into an adversary ohno

the king approaches

ohno the king is caught in his foe’s furry clutches

is all hope lost???? is this the end for thorin oakenshield?????? are theRE STILL SALMON BITS IN THE WHISKAS?????????????????

ohno wait he just wanted some cat cuddles

thorin seems to be enjoying these kitty kisses, i must say

“we must never speak of this again, fuzzy giant”