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Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Here’s my custom of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not a great photographer. But I did the best I could to capture pics of her that showed what she looks like in person (the left pic) and to show some actual detail (the right). 

To make her, I used Batman’s head and one of the ImPOPster Batgirls’ bodies.

She is currently for sale in my Etsy shop! Here

Hungry Larry Thoughts.

1. Hungry Larry was a creepy episode.

2. The guy is a professional though.

3. A pretty nice wide shot of Star’s entire room. Whose underwear is that?

4. Poor Mr. Diaz :( He just wanted to have a good Haunted House.

5. Dang Janna, is getting hotter. She’s like the really hot, bad girl you should not date but, you still end up dating her!

6. Janna’s still fighting the patriarchy…”We’re not guys.”

7. Seriously, today’s episode was creepy as heck.

8. Mr. Diaz listens to The Bones of Death

9. WTF Hungry Larry WTF?!

10. Funko Pop Figures anyone?

11. Who doesn’t like a family hug?

All three key chains are finished and ready to be given to the boys ♥ 

Now on the the last two key chains so the second trio is complete (which I’m gonna keep) and then I’ll have another set of normal sized Sam&Dean and then MOC Dean xD Yep enough work for a few days! 

navratri is starting on wednesday and i’m so freaking excited

One Big Happy Family

“Hey there, boys.”
“Uh… hi Dad.”
“What are you doing here? Aren’t you in Hell?” 
“No, of course not! I was… um… hmm, actually I’m not too sure of that.”

“Anyway, yesterday was Fathers Day.”
“Yeah. So?”
“Well, aren’t you going to wish me a happy Father’s Day?”
*Shakes head*

“C’mon, guys! That’s unfair.”
“Dude, let’s not start on ‘Unfair’.”
“I’m pretty sure I’ve seen well-trained dogs better suited to raise kids than you.”

“Look, I might’ve not been perfect, but I had my own demons I was fighting… literally.”
“Cool story. Still Neglect.”

“Neglect? I took care of you kids-”
“I kept you fed-”
“I went to jail for stealing peanut butter. And you refused to bail me out.”
“I kept a roof over your head.”
“A car roof. Seriously, you don’t see a problem with any of this?”

“Look, I did my best in raising you boys to be strong, and I’m sure if your mother was alive-”
“Hold it right there, John Winchester!”
“Uh Oh.”

“Where in the Sam Hill do you get off using my name to defend your shitty behavior?”
“Mary, I…”
“No, I’m talking now! You’re going to sit there and listen!”
“Mom and Dad are fighting.”
“… Popcorn?”


“…And you were just going to let Dean rot in jail?!”
“Aren’t you two going to stop this?”
*Shakes head* (munch munch munch)