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Drake and Meek Mill’s beef just went way beyond a silly Twitter war – because an alternate version of a Drake hit was just leaked … and it features the alleged ghostwriter’s vocals and verses.

The song is “10 Bands” … and Quentin Miller’s version is damn near identical to Drake’s. Funkmaster Flex first played it late Wednesday on NYC’s Hot 97 … throwing gasoline on the fire Meek started by accusing Drake of not writing his own raps – a HUGE insult in hip-hop.

Full TMZ Story

EXPOSED. Case closed. Hit the link and Play Quentin’s version.

I just got off the phone with my homie who was managed by Drake’s old manager too and he told me a whole bunch of shit (doesn’t matter if you believe that or not). Drake is a fake bro. This shit is UNACCEPTABLE in hip hop. Drake, you are now strictly a pop artist.

Before you get co-writing and ghostwriting confused you guys need to read up on copyright law and intellectual property while in a recording session. Everybody has multiple writers listed on albums, including Meek, this even dates back to the “golden era” of hip hop. If you are in a session and make a suggestion that makes it to the record, technically, you are supposed to be listed as a writer. But getting reference tracks and having other rappers help you with the bars in your verse is looked down upon in hip hop.

Kendrick, an artist who is winning in 2015, said it on “King Kunta”, remember? “I can dig rappin’, but a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the fuck happened? I SWORE I WOULN’T TELL! But most of y’all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a 2 man cell.” Lol.. I wonder who he was talking about. Meek is claiming that he writes his own verses and considering that Meek came up off of being a battle rapper, I believe him. I’m not hating on Drake or saying he has zero pen skills, and I’m still gonna bump his shit. I’m only saying that he needs to be viewed more like Beyonce or Rihanna in the sense that he has a talent for picking and performing dope shit that other people have written. (Go to Lupe Fiasco’s IG, he expresses my views almost perfectly on his “The Haunting” posts.)

What’s even more frustrating to a person who loves hip hop music is that Aubrey is going around saying he’s the best in the game when he doesn’t even write all of his own verses. THIS IS HIP-HOP. This is the one genre of music where that matters. But since you guys love Drake so much you don’t care just as long as he keeps choosing good reference tracks to cover, and that’s fine. But I DO care about the integrity and authenticity of hip hop.

Do you think Kendrick is letting niggas write ANY parts of his verses? Jay Z? Lupe? Eminem? J. Cole? Nas? Logic? If they are it’s most likely less than 10%.

On “10 Bands” Quentin says “I can tell you not a rapper, you niggas sellin’ swag.. I ain’t gotta open up the package”, almost dissing Drake. Then Drake uses it, like he’s not BUYING SWAG. I know Quentin came out and said he doesn’t ghostwrite for Aubrey, but why would he say otherwise? You think he wants go back to baking cakes? He’s employed by Aubrey and there’s probably a good chance that he’s under contract. It seems as if every person in the industry trying to defend Aubrey stands to benefit from him. It’s right there on tape, everyone. Aubrey uses GW’s. This nigga is a way more talented version of Nick Cannon. (Nickelodeon teen actor > I want to rap > Realization that his raps are cool but others are better > Employs Ghostwriters) Lol.. That statement may piss some people off, I know.

Like.. C’mon, you guys. I know you love Drake, but c’mon. This is Hip-Hop. We’re supposed to be the realest. Y’all really okay with Hip-Hop taking this L? For Aubrey? Really? Again, I’m not saying Aubrey isn’t talented, just saying he tried to front like he was one of the best lyricists of our generation and he got caught red handed using Ghostwriters, which in turn diminishes his perceived dopeness. He needs to take his hip-hop L and keep it pushin’..

Most annoying Radio DJ on this planet....

*funkmaster flex night* *funkmaster flex night* plays song. rewinds song *funkmaster flex night* plays songs all over. rewinds one word *funkmaster flex night* *BIG EXPLOSION* *fu-fu-fu-funkmaster flex night* *WHATTSUP NEW YORK CITY* *funkmaster flex night* plays song while speaking obnoxiously over the microphone.


Holy shit, I never realized David Letterman was responsible for one of the most recognizable hip-hop samples of all time.


Amber Rose goes IN on Funkmaster Flex.. #ThatShitCray..  Her voice and face are so peng.


Funkmaster Flex feat. Sadat X & Akinyele - Loud Hangover (1995)

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm a newish fan of cole and i've tried to catch up by listening to the come up, warm up, fnl, and all his studio albums but i'm lost on the other mix tapes/songs... is it possible to get a discography? like of all the mixtapes he himself has released? is there a place that'll gimme that info?

Welcome to the family, and yes just right click on the links below:


Cole World: The Sideline Story: (iTunes)  (Google Play) (Spotify)

Born Sinner: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

2014 Forest Hills Drive: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Revenge of The Dreamers II: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Forest Hills Drive: Live From Fayetteville, NC: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

4 Your Eyez Only: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)


The Therapist Collection Listen 

The Come Up Vol. 1 (Download) (Spotify)

The Warm Up (Download) (Google Play) (Spotify

Friday Night Lights (Download) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Any Given Sunday EP #1 (Download

Any Given Sunday EP #2 (Download)  

Any Given Sunday EP #5 (Download)  

Truly Yours (Download

Truly Yours 2 (Download

Revenge of The Dreamers (Download)

Other Songs

  1. Be Free Listen / New Verse 
  2. Black Friday Listen
  3. The Breakfast Club Freestyle Listen 
  4. Bun B For President Listen
  5. Change The World Listen
  6. Cheer Up Listen
  7. Cole Summer Listen 
  8. Cosmic Kev Listen
  9. Crack Music Listen
  10. The Cure Listen/Download
  11. Disgusting 
  12. DJ Enough Freestyle Listen
  13. Everybody Dies
  14. False Prophets
  15. Fitted Cap
  16. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Listen
  17. Get Free ColeWorld Listen/Download 
  18. Good Game Listen 
  19. The Goos=d Son, Pt. 1
  20. Grew Up Fast Listen/Download 
  21. Hello Good Morning Freestyle Listen
  22. High For Hours 
  23. Holdin Me Back
  24. Ice Cream Freestyle Listen
  25. I Got It Listen 
  26. I’m A Fool Listen/Download  
  27. I’m Comin Listen 
  28. I’m Coming Home Listen
  29. I’m On It Listen
  30. I Really Mean It Listen
  31. It Won’t Be Long Listen
  32. Killers
  33. The Last Stretch Listen
  34. Need You Bad Remix Listen 
  35. Nothing Lasts Forever Listen
  36. Nothing Like It
  37. NY State of Mind (Freestyle) Listen 
  38. On Top Of The World Listen
  39. The One Listen
  40. Pass Me By Listen 
  41. The Plan Listen 
  42. Playground Listen
  43. Purple Rain Listen
  44. The Reasons Listen
  45. Relaxation Listen
  46. Return of Simba 
  47. See It To Believe It
  48. Serenade Listen 
  49. Shook Ones Freestyle Listen 
  50. Show Me Something Listen 
  51. Song For The Ville Listen 
  52. So What Listen 
  53. Trouble 
  54. Visionz Of Home Listen 
  55. We On Listen 
  56. Who’s World Is This Listen / Download 
  57. Wildfire
  58. Winter Schemes Listen  
  59. Wireless Festival Freestyle Listen
  60. 2012 Listen/Download 

Songs Featured On

  1. Alex Haldi “Killers” Listen / Download
  2. Alexis Jordan “Acid Rain (Remix)” Listen
  3. Bas “Lit” Listen / Purchase
  4. Bas “My Nigga Just Made Bail” Listen / Purchase
  5. Bas “Night Job” Listen / Purchase
  6. Bei Maejor “Trouble” Listen / Purchase
  7. Beyonce “Party (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  8. Big Sean  “ 24 Karats of Gold”  Listen / Download
  9. B.o.B. “Gladiators” Listen / Download 
  10. Boosie Badazz “Black Heaven” Listen / Purchase
  11. Canei Finch “Remember Me” Listen / Download
  12. Chance The Rapper “Thotty” Listen 
  13. Chipmunk “Champion (Remix)” Listen 
  14. Cozz “Knock Tha Hustle (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  15. DJ Drama “Undercover” Listen / Purchase 
  16. DJ Khaled “Hells Kitchen” Listen / Purchase
  17. DJ Khaled “They Ready” Listen / Purchase 
  18. DJ Khaled “We On” Listen
  19. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment “Warm Enough” Listen/ Purchase
  20. Drake “Jodeci Freestyle“ Listen/Download
  21. Elijah Blake “Vendetta” Listen / Purchase
  22. Elite “World Premiere” Listen / Download
  23. Elle Varner “Only Wanna Give It To You” Listen / Purchase
  24. Fabolous “Louis Vuitton” Listen / Download 
  25. Fashawn “Nothing For The Radio” Listen / Download 
  26. French Montana “Diamonds” Listen / Download 
  27. Funkmaster Flex “Maine On Fire” Listen / Download 
  28. The Game “Pray” Listen / Purchase
  29. Janet Jackson “No Sleep” (Remix) Listen / Purchase
  30. Jay Z “A Star Is Born” Listen / Purchase
  31. Jeremih “Planes” Listen / Purchase
  32. Jessie Ware “Kind of..Sometimes..Maybe (Remix)” Listen 
  33. Justin Timberlake “TKO (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  34. Kendrick Lamar “Shock The World” Listen 
  35. Kendrick Lamar “Temptation” Listen 
  36. Keri Hilson “Buyou” Listen / Purchase
  37. Kevin Cossom “Leave Me Alone” Listen / Download 
  38. Kirko Bangz “Drank In My Cup (Remix)” Listen 
  39. Lil Wayne “Green Ranger” Listen / Download 
  40. Maroon 5 “Animals (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  41. Melanie Fiona “This Time” Listen / Purchase
  42. Miguel “All I Want Is You” Listen / Purchase 
  43. Nas “Made Nas Proud” Listen
  44. Nervous Reck “The Ojays” Listen 
  45.  Notorious B.I.G. “Can I Get Wit Ya” Listen 
  46. Omen “Break Out” Listen / Download
  47. Omen “Mama Told Me” Listen / Download 
  48. Omen “Things Change” Listen / Purchase 
  49. Red Cafe “Fly Together (Remix)” Listen/Download
  50. Reflection Eternal “Just Begun”  Listen / Purchase
  51. Rihanna “S&M (Remix)” Listen
  52. Rita Ora “Love and War” Listen / Purchase
  53. Sean Garrett “Feel Love” Listen / Purchase 
  54. Selah Sue “Raggamuffin (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  55. StartYourOwnRebellion “Let It Go” Listen/Download 
  56. Tinie Tempah “Like It or Love It” Listen / Download
  57. Trae Tha Truth “Children Of Men” Listen / Purchase 
  58. Trae Tha Truth “I’m On 2.0″ Listen / Purchase
  59. Trae Tha Truth “Roll Call” Listen / Purchase 
  60. Travis Barker “Never Holding Me Back” Listen / Download
  61. Tyga “Let It Show” Listen / Purchase
  62. Voli “Sound Of Love” Listen / Purchase 
  63. Wale “Bad Girls Club” Listen / Purchase 
  64. Wale Beautiful Bliss Listen / Purchase 
  65. Wale “Black Grammys” Listen / Purchase
  66. Wale “Fitted Cap” Listen / Purchase
  67. Wale “Rather Be With You” Listen / Purchase
  68. Wale “The Pessimist” Listen / Purchase
  69. Yo Gotti “Cold Blood” Listen / Purchase
  70. Yo Gotti “Look In The Mirror (Remix) Listen 
  71. Young Chris “Still the Hottest” Listen/Download 


  1. A Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick It? (Remix) Listen / Purchase
  2. Ab Soul “Sapiosexual" Listen / Purchase 
  3. Alex Haldi “Killers” Listen / Download
  4. Bali “So Cold” Listen
  5. Bas “The Season” Listen/Download
  6. DJ Khaled “Jermaine’s Interlude” 
  7. DJ Khaled “Hells Kitchen” Listen / Purchase
  8. DJ Khaled “They Ready” Listen / Purchase
  9. DJ Khaled “We On” Listen
  10. Elijah Blake “Vendetta” Listen / Purchase
  11. Elite “Cycles” Listen / Download 
  12. Fabolous “Louis Vuitton” Listen / Download
  13. Fashawn “Big Dreams” Download
  14. Fashawn “Nothing For The Radio” Listen / Download 
  15. Fat Trel “Live My Life” Listen / Download 
  16. Funkmaster Flex “Maine On Fire” Listen / Download
  17. Kendrick Lamar “HiiiPoWeR” Listen
  18. Kendrick Lamar “The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)” Listen 
  19. Kendrick Lamar “Shock The World” Listen 
  20. King Mez “The Allure” Listen / Download 
  21. Nazo Bravo “HyePower” Listen 
  22. Omen “Undercover” Listen
  23. Pusha T “M.P.A.” Listen / Purchase
  24. Sha Stimuli “Two Weeks Notice” Listen / Download 
  25. Talib Kweli “It Only Gets Better” Listen / Purchase
  26. Trae Tha Truth “Roll Call” Listen / Purchase 
  27. Voli “Midnight” Listen / Download
  28. Voli “Sound Of Love” Listen / Purchase
  29. Voli “Sunrise” Listen
  30. Wale “ Bad Girls Club” Listen / Purchase
  31. XV “Smallville” Listen 
  32. XV “Watch Me Go” Listen 
  33. Young Chris “Still the Hottest” Listen/Download
  34. 360 “What Goes Up” Listen 
  35. Apparently 
  36. Bun B For President 
  37. Chris Tucker (Co Production)
  38. Cole Summer
  39. Fire Squad 
  40. G.O.M.D.
  41. Head Bussa
  42. Hello (Co Production)
  43. Intro (2014 Forest Hills Drive)
  44. January 28th
  45. No Role Modelz (Additional Production) 
  46. Note to Self (Co Production)
  47. Relaxation 
  48. St. Tropez
  49. Wet Dreamz 
  50. Who’s World Is This
  51. Born Sinner Album (minus the interludes+Sparks Will Fly)
  52. Cole World: The Sideline Story Album (minus Can’t Get Enough, In The Morning, and Never Told)
  53. Revenge Of The Dreamers Mixtape
  54. Truly Yours Mixtape

Haven’t finished the production list (I will get around to it when I have more time), also if I left something out let me know. 

Writing Credits 

  1. The Game “Drug Test” Listen / Purchase

*note: writing credits can be anything from a line, melody, concept, idea, etc., but not necessarily just writing to get credited for a body of work

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Jay-Z, photographed while performing on the “Sprite Liquid Mix Tour” by Jason Campbell in August 2002. 

Hov had recently returned from a two-week luxury European holiday—the first he had taken since entering the music business, and the first he spent with then-girlfriend Beyoncé. They had visited various locations around Europe, including Saint-Tropez in France and the Italian island of Capri. It wasn’t all pleasure though—he had found some time to record a feature for Mariah Carey’s “You Got Me” when visiting her at the studio in Capri. 

When he returned to the United States he headed straight to Hot 97 to address Nas’ recent Power 105.1 visit, in which he lambasted the “evil empire” Hot 97 for not letting him hang an effigy of Jay during a scheduled “Summer Jam” performance. After challenging Nas to a boxing match and dropping a legendary “Hovi Baby”-influencing freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s show, Hov headed back to Baseline Studios to finish up recording The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse. He had been working on material for it since December 2001

Jay-Z and R. Kelly, photographed at their press conference announcing their collaborative album The Best of Both Worlds and a co-headlining tour, held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on January 24, 2002. The album had been recorded earlier that month in a matter of days.

There was a celebratory atmosphere at the press conference, with Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex spinning music, and several stars in attendance including P. Diddy, Ronald Isley, Russell Simmons and famed attorney Johnnie Cochran.

The tour plans would be scrapped in February when a video surfaced showing Kelly engaging in sex with, and urinating on, an underage girl. He was later arrested and indicted on 21 counts of child pornography in June of that year. In August 2004 they re-announced a 40-date tour, but it was also plagued with Kelly-related controversy and cancelled after just 23 shows.