I’m going to patiently lay in wait, like a lioness stalking her prey.
Body pressed low to the ground under the shade of the tree at high noon, I’ll watch him bathe and gingerly take in water from the river.
I’ll observe how he moves within his pack and will take note of the intricacies of his movement. Memorizing them and allowing them to detail the lines, forms, and colors of dreams.
When he’s alone distracted by the colors of the sky, alignment of the moon, and the stars racing across the sky…I’ll know it’s time.
In this moment I’ll saunter up behind him mere inches from his frame. When he closes his eyes and takes in a hearty breath of the cool night air I’ll pounce on him and sink my teeth into the flesh of his neck…applying firm suction and gentle tongue strokes to alarm, confuse, and entice.
From there I will execute the intricately detailed plans I have formulated in an effort to exhaust my creativity and ruin his mind, body, and soul for all lesser beings.
I want to raise his bar and then destroy it.