Michael Jackson was FUNKAY!

Inspired by Prince’s comment on the difference and inspiration they took from the Godfather of soul, funk and (disco) among other things - I decided, I wanted to post songs that show Michael’s funky side. I would also like to remind everyone that Michael Jackson was a HUGE fan and got a lot of his inspiration from James Brown and especially the era when James Brown was with the Famous Flames. Sure, MJ took inspiration from his dancing but he also was inspired by Brown’s vocal delivery and music. Here are some “funk” inspired tracks by Michael Jackson.  It’s also important to always remember, that the genius with Michael Jackson was his hybrid of different genres and some of these are different forms of funk music.  Enjoy! 

-miss x

Get it Together (song) - Jackson 5 (1973)

Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 (1973)

From his Jacksons era.

Shake your body (down to the ground)  - 1978

Lovely One  (1980) 

Michael Jackson aka the King of pop, soul and rock… 

Superfly Sister (1997)  (this song is so funky and incredibly underrated)

Another part of me (1988) a funk/pop song. 

Al Capone (1985 Smooth Criminal demo) a funky 80s dance track.

Workin’ Day and Night’ (1979)