innocentfacedecieving asked:

Can i ask for some chris love? I've been in a funk all week. Love you guys!

Sorry you’re in a funk, Lady *hugs*

“I love you”

Whoa! that tongue should perk you up a bit! (it’s workin’ for me)

his laugh has healing powers beyond comprehension

what must it feel like to have his lips brush against yours like this? *faints*

perking up yet innocentfacedecieving?

here’s some drunken Chris love

I wonder what sounds he makes when he’s cumming

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Chris at your door surprising you with red roses

hope this helps you get back into your groove, or at least distract you for a bit

the Sisterhood is here for you!

Bruno Mars Choreographer & Dancer Phil Tayag Talks Bringing the Funk to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

How did you link up with Bruno?

Bruno and I had a mutual friend. I did not meet Bruno at the time, but i knew of him in 2008. I was introduced to him and his music [through] footage of him. Producers showed me his stuff and I was like, “Oh wow, he’s great.” Fast-forward [to 2015], I’m working with Bruno Mars, we do the “Uptown Funk” video which was a mega-smash. He actually asked me if I wanted to do the Super Bowl with him, Coldplay and Beyonce in the Bay Area, so it’s like the stars really aligned for this, and I couldn’t be any more grateful.

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Soul Music Dicoveries

Great way to start of this week is my 5 Soul Music Discoveries. Five songs, of which I didn’t know the existence before or that simply deserve to be reheard. Hope you enjoy.

Lois’ Love Theme (Loving You Is On My Mind) -  Solomon Burke and Jerry Styner (Hammer, 1972). Found this song on Blaxploitation Pride. It’s a beautiful love song from the film Hammer. The soundtrack was never officially released.
True Soul Pt. 1 - Albert Smith (True Soul Pt. 1 / True Soul Pt. 2, 197?). Funky guitar. Thanks Funk for the People!
You Hit The Nail On The Head - Arthur Adams (It’s Private Tonight, 1973). Funky track by blues guitarist Arthur Adams.

Sabe como eu estou? Tô bem, tô feliz, tô linda, te esqueci. Já não choro, tô rindo atoa. Lembra quando eu disse que você não seria feliz com mais ninguém? Eu retiro o que disse, sabe porque? To pouco me fodendo pra sua vida. E em relação a você não ser feliz, é apenas uma consequência. Não há necessidade de eu desejar algo que você já procurou e achou.