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Uptown Funk Gon' Give it to You {NaLu}

For thefairythatcouldkilldragons and snogfairy because I think Philine said she wanted to see it when it was done???

Well here it is! They get a little hot and bothered at the end, just a warning. ^_^

When Natsu went out with the guys, he was not expecting to see his girlfriend and best friend there too. He knew that she was going out with the girls, being their designated driver and all. He’s doing the exact same thing for Loke and Gray. But what were the chances that the girls were going to the same club?

Lucy blinks up at him slowly, dark eyes peering up at him.

Apparently pretty high, considering she’s standing in front of him right now, giving him that look. The one that makes his heart skip a beat and causes his blood to start boiling.

Oh yeah, he’s starting to feel a little bit hot under the collar. She stalks up to them as a familiar song starts to play, but he can barely hear it, too focused on the sway of her hips and the smell of jasmine and spices as she stands in front oh him. His breath catches in his throat as she takes her lower lip between her teeth, giving him a sultry look.

Damn this girl and the things she does to him.

Behind him he can hear Loke and Gray whispering to each other, whistling at the pretty blonde, but he ignores them. Sometimes he forgets that they don’t know he and Lucy are dating yet. He wanted to see how long it would take them to figure it out.

Six months and counting, so far.

Natsu smirks, tongue running across his upper lip without him realizing it. He listens to the song a little bit more, grinning when he realizes what part it’s at.

If she wants to play, fine. He’ll play.

“I’m too hot,” he sings along to the lyrics, giving her a wink. Lucy crosses her arms over her chest, looking less than impressed.

“Is that what you have to tell yourself to help you get to sleep at night?” she asks him, giving him a coy smirk. Behind him Gray and Loke go wild, laughing and shouting things at him. He thinks he hears a “burn!” and a “ooh!” but he can’t be sure over the loud music. All he can focus on is the music and Lucy and how if he reaches out just enough his hands will be all over her. She steps forward, standing up on her toes. Her lips brush his ear as she whispers to him. “Because I can assure you, you won’t be sleeping tonight.” And then she pulls away, returning his wink before disappearing into the crowd of dancing bodies.

He can’t breathe.

“Hot damn,” he manages to choke out, throat dry. “Hot damn.”

He grins widely, shrugging off Loke and Gray who are patting him on the back and congratulating him, and follows after her.

Natsu weaves between sweaty bodies, elbowing people out of the way as he chases after the blonde.

And then he finds her, back in a low lit corner of the club.

“ ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you.”

In the next second he has her pressed up against the wall, her arms flying around his neck as he wraps her up in his arms, mouth on her neck. She gasps, squirming against him as he roughly bites and sucks at her pulse point, lips trailing up and down her soft skin.

Lucy giggles when he nips a particular spot. “Natsu!” Her head tilts to the side, her shoulder jerking up. “That tickles!” He laughs too, fingers slipping under the hem of her short dress.

“I already knew that, Lucy,” he murmurs against her skin, voice rumbling in his chest. He steps closer, pressing her harder against the wall, his mouth trailing kisses up from her neck to her jaw and then to her ear, nibbling at the lobe and making her wriggle. His fingers slip higher up on her thighs, dragging her dress up only a few inches as he starts to draw little circles on her skin with his thumbs. “What I don’t know is if we’re going to do this at your place or mine.”

His mouth finally meets hers, and it’s like electricity is shooting through him, igniting him. He catches her lower lip between his teeth, tugging it lightly before attacking her again, tongue pushing past her lips to sweep through her mouth, skimming over the back of her teeth and against the roof of her mouth lightly, tickling her and making her giggle.

He smiles against her mouth, heart swelling in his chest. He loves this girl so much. So much.

And if you don’t believe him, just watch.

His fingers dig into her skin, one hand leaving her legs to press against her back, jerking her hips into him and wrapping his tongue around her own as a low sound leaves her, being swallowed by him.

She gives the intruding appendage a sharp suck and he retaliates by grinding his lower half against her sharply, making her gasp into his mouth. Her fingers thread through his hair, and she tugs at the bright strands ruthlessly, fingers twisting and pulling as he pressed harder against her, hips shifting against hers. She grins against him and circles her hips, bucking against him roughly. He snarls then, nipping her lower lip. His hand leaves her thigh, both going to her hips to slam them against his and he starts to pull back from her, his pants feeling all too tight all of a sudden. She catches his upper lip between hers, and he groans, pulling away from her, breathing heavily. She’s breathing just as heavily, gasping against him, but that doesn’t stop her from leaning up and stealing another kiss, the air between them crazy hot.

She flashes him a cheeky grin, lips moving to his jaw to kiss and nibble the sensitive skin.

Speaking of cheeky…

His hand slips down, groping at her backside to grind her hips against his. A low hiss leaves him, his head tilting back. Lucy smiles against his skin, one hand dropping between them to grasp him through his clothes, giving him a squeeze. “Ahh,” Natsu moans, head dropping to rest on her shoulder as she repeats the action. He presses into her hand, forehead dragging against her shoulder roughly. A low, keening cry leaves him as her hand releases him, choosing instead to tug at his belt.

Her lips meet his in a soft kiss before she pulls away, giggling.

“So… your place or mine?”

“Uptown funk you up.”