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HARTS - Streets

Darren Hart, aka  Harts, is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Melbourne, Australia.

Breakthrough“ EP by HARTS will be released on 5th June 2015.

Don’t miss HARTS tour in Australia and New Zealand. We strongly recommend this tour and promissing artist. Check out Harts previous posts here

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Earlier today, I stumbled upon music crafted by a producer from New Zealand named boycrush. His latest treat is a song named Flirt, which features Madeira, the new moniker of Kim Pflaum, who’s an ex-member of a dream pop act you might recognize and love, Yumi Zouma. Like its name implies, Flirt is a warm and playful jam. Softly funky, the electronic number reminds me of Blood Orange with a little Niles Rodgers, but steeped in a honeyed, dreamy glow. Flirt will be on boycrush’s Girls On Top EP, out May 27th.


Lovers and Friends - Tomorrow’s People (Open Soul, 1976)


Born on this day: May 21, 1941 - Isley Brothers lead vocalist Ronald Isley (born in Cincinnati, OH). Happy 74th Birthday, Ron (aka Mr. Biggs :D )!!

The Best Country Funk Tracks

I’ve never heard of Country Funk before, until Light in the Attick released an awesome compilation. And I still do not exactly know what Country Funk is. But what I do know that it is a great genre that mixes gospel, blues  funk and country into a new style. Listen to the best Country Funk Music in the whole wide world!

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After being handpicked by Sly Stone in 1967 to join his band, Sly and the Family Stone, Cynthia Robinson, born on this day January 12th in 1946, became notable as the first female trumpeter in a major pop band. After nine years, six albums and nine top 40 hits on the US pop charts, Sly and the Family Stone packed it in.

In 1974 Cynthia she joined fellow Family Stone band member Larry Graham’s group Graham Central Station.