funk carioca

❀ status de funk variado

Mas quando o dj mandar, menina você desce.

Louca pra curtir, louca pra beijar, quer se divertir sem ter hora pra chegar.

Ela ta acelerada, ela só quer dançar.

Solta o tamborzão e deixa o pancadão rolar.

Se concentra na batida, o resto tu esquece.

A menina tá dançando e não para de rebolar.

Sou apaixonada nessa mina, não é por nada não com ela a coisa é mais maluca.

A moreninha senta naquele pique.

Deixa ela a vontade, deixa ela solta, descontrolada, ela ta louca.

Ela quer dançar, quer curtir, quer beijar, quer zuar a noite inteira.

Pensa que eu não vejo os seus pensamentos picantes.

Toda linda, que delícia, ela mexe com a gente.

Desce me castiga, vem, sobe e me castiga, vai.

Seleciona as melhores amigas e vai pra balada, é disso que ela gosta.

Cheguei no pistão.

Quando tá na pista pode crer, ninguém segura.

Se tu quer loucura, tem, se tu quer aventura, tem.

Menina maldosa, toda provocante.

Hoje eu quero só dançar até de madrugada.

Deve ser gostoso o jeito que você faz.

Novinha safadinha hoje eu vou falar pra tu, que quero é tu.

To querendo me acabar até ficar cansada.

Eu adoro, eu me amarro.

Hoje você não escapa.

Ah, mas se eu gostar vai ter que aguentar.

Tu vai rebolar, tu vai sentar, tu vai kikar.

Convoca as amigas porque hoje tá pro crime.

Prepara que isso aqui é só um teste.

Vai sentando forte!

Solteira de carteirinha, soltinha que nem arroz.

E não tá nem aí, gosta de ousadia.

Ela só quer curtir, ela só quer zoar, gosta de dançar.

Se o papo for balada não deixa pra depois.

Vem que hoje tudo é festa!

Chega no baile tirando onda, ela rebolando é toda lindona.

Mas que mina é essa? Tão diferente que o plaquê de 100 não mexe com a mente.

 Não curto amores, eu curto sabores da vida sem rumo.

Não gosto de ter hora pra voltar pra casa, eu gosto de virar as noites nas baladas.

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Look, I respect your fatness and your person, but don't go around saying you can dance and putting Quadradinho de Quatro as an example, when that particular step looks like a pornographic version of aerobic xD

Hmmmm… Gee, I don’t know why I said that… No idea at all… Maybe the two years of ballet… The three years of classic jazz… Three years of street dance… No, no idea at all why I said that. 

But sit down, friends, I’m about to roast a bitch for dinner, sit down and pay attention to the instructions!

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Who the fuck are you to talk about my country’s culture? Do you know you’re in a smut blog with graphical descriptions of sex? So, you’re offended at my culture, but not at what we’re doing here? I bet your probably skinny white ass is jealous because it can’t move in the shape of a square, because it’s the only explanation I can think about for you being butt-hurt to the point of coming here and insulting my culture.

Do you know Funk Carioca, as music and dance, has the same status as North American Hip Hop and Twerking, as a form of escape of society’s most oppressed people? The art expression of the periphery? Do you know that Funk Carioca is a hit that was born at the favelas, with influences like Brazilian Rap and Charme, as a scream against the cruelty of the government? An affirmation of their own originality where EVERY MAINSTREAM MEDIA tells you, you have to be white, thin, rich to be successful? 

But, Brazil is different than USA, the miscegenation is strong here (both in genetic as in culture). Funk Carioca is a movement, that much like Samba, transcended to a National preference, but both their origins is Black Brazilian Culture. Me, dancing funk carioca doesn’t have the same weight as a black girl in a Baile Funk reclaiming her roots. It’s the same here with the Natural Hair movement: white women have curly hair and are joining and using their hair natural. But it’s not the same me, a white woman with 3A-B hair using my hair natural, as a black woman using her gorgeous hair natural. Here, white people are not forbidden to dance Samba, Funk or wear their hair natural, but we can’t deny the fact that all of this is Black Culture and we must be prepared to act with Black people, supporting them, being allies, and stopping any act of racism

And yours is a xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, fatphobic and racist act. Xenophobic because you don’t respect other people’s cultures and places they’re from. Misogynistic because you’re judging a woman reclaiming and using her body the way she likes best, living her life and (many times) earning a living because of what she does. Bigoted, because every expression of dance is valid, from the classics to the modern ones and no music style is better than the other. Fatphobic because you implied that I don’t know how to dance. As if Funk Carioca is not a dance, but it is, you can go cry in a corner. Racist because as I said before, the origins of Funk Carioca are in the Brazilian Black Culture. Like all the best things in my country by the way, Culinary (vatapá, feijoada, coconut milk), Culture (Carnaval, Pelourinho, Baianas), Dance and Music (Axé, Samba, Pagode, Funk, Charme, Passinho), Martial Arts (capoeira). 

Amazing Black Brazilian singers are laughing at you right now, including MC Carol and Karol Conka, two Black Brazilian Rappers and Feminists. 

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So, go, unfollow me, block me, do whatever you want, but swallow your tongue before referring to my culture. FUCK OFF! E SE RECLAMAR VAI TER FUNK PRA CARALHO! VAI SE FODER, GRINGO(A) FILHO(A) DE UM PUTO

Following this mess, I’m announcing a semi-hiatus period. It’s a shame, I was working on Blue Moon Part 3 and to add weekly chapters of the Telenovela or Korean Drama? series. Now you will have nothing, because the hatred I’m getting here is bigger than the love. 

And it makes me really sad to do this, but I’ve had enough.


EDIT: I came back to thank all your sweet messages (I  will later), but I was thinking about something, and so here I am for round two. Press play, and get ready.

I just told this to Mr. K (bless his soul) and he pointed something to me. Particularly, he sent me this:

“- Wow, I hate Brazilian Funk, those girls like hoes shaking their ass for music that talk about sex

- True. But how about you, what do you like?

- K-pop”


And have you read between the lines in K-pop songs? ARTIFICIAL LOVE FROM EXO IS A SONG ABOUT A PROSTITUTE AND I DIDN’T SEE YOU COMPLAINING! Same with Chanyeol’s song that is a song about pimping! FXXK IT is literally about a sex without ties! And hello, you love Jay Park, don’t you?


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While we’re at it, can we talk about how you guys DROOL over any male K-pop artist shirtless or pass out with wet shirts and hip thrusts, most would LITERALLY sell their souls to Satan to suck your bias’ dick, but many of you give absolute HELL to women K-pop artists?

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SHOVE YOUR DOUBLE STANDARDS UP YOUR HATEFUL SKINNY WHITE ASS! Women rocking their bodies are amazing, from Brazil to Seoul!

- CL.


Senta, senta, quica, rebola!


Vous savez peut être que le baile funk/funk carioca moderne a repris son rythme caractéristique du maculêlê, une sorte de capoeira.

Voici pour conclure la boucle, un morceau de funk à base de samples de berimbau/capoeira !

DJ Sandrinho - Berimbau (Man Recording, 2007)