random choi twins headcanons for their birthday

(some are in an au where mint eye never existed and some are in the canon universe. like i said, random)

- saeran and saeyoung calling zen and jumin hyung

- saeran’s lowkey into pastel pink

- saeran’s actually near-sighted and so he wears those gold round glasses but only when he’s at home

- saeran’s a good cook!!! ever since he moved in with saeyoung, he’s been waking up earlier than necessary just to make a balanced breakfast for his twin. seeing as seven only ever eats honey buddha chips and phd pepper

- saeyoung loves it when saeran cooks. 10/10 would recommend. (“Heh looks like i wont need a girlfriend anymore now that youre here, jagi~~” “im breaking up with you”)

- saeran’s very soft spoken and rarely participates in the conversations until yoosung introduces him to lolol… apparently saeran’s a trashtalker when 1) he gets fired up 2) his guild mates keep fucking up every time 3) when seven pops up on the server just to kill saeran’s character

- saeran’s in love with oversized sweaters for two reasons. 1) sweater paws!!!! 2) its comfy and feels like a protective layer

- in the first few months after the mint eye incident, saeran’s very timid. always shying away from anything related to the rfa, being very formal with saeyoung, apologizing every time he makes a vvv small mistake, rarely leaving his room, and just plain out shutting himself away from the world. but as he starts going to therapy, he begins to open up. he soon becomes comfortable enough to playfully diss zen’s narcissism, make catmom jokes at jumin, engage in feeding yoosung’s gullibility and even starts bantering with seven.

- the bunker’s always in a constant state of disarray because of the constant prank wars the twins pull on each other. one time, saeran placed blue hair dye on saeyoung’s shampoo. (“SAERAN WHY ARE MY PUBES BLUE?????” “I GOT YO-wait what you shampoo your pubes?????” “THAT IS NOT THE POINT”). another time, saeyoung flipped all their funiture upside down while saeran was asleep. saeran was so confused when he woke up. (“saeyoung why is my dog upside dow- why is your cat upside do- saeyoung what the fuck” “oh i flipped all the furnitu-” “saEYOUNG ANIMALS ARE NOT FURNITURE” “but you gotta admit, thats pretty cool” “why”). saeran’s favorite prank would have to be the one where he tampered with the security system so that every time saeyoung says the arabic password of the day, it would end up saying that the password’s wrong even if it was right. (“SAERAN ITS BEEN 3 HOURS LET ME IN”). on the other hand, saeyoung’s favorite prank would have to be the one where he hacked into saeran’s computer, so that every time he hits the spacebar, never gonna give you up starts playing. (“SAEYOUNG STOP THAT”).

- saeran’s actually a pretty good dancer. he covers a lot of dances, majority being kpop. saeyoung once caught him dancing to a girl group dance, videotaped him and posted it on youtube in hopes of embarrassing his twin but to his dismay, saeran became viral and actually started posting dance covers after that. (“Cant believe im in the presence of a dance god! im so blessed! so thankful!” “Saeyoung what the fuck are you doing in my shower??? gET OUT” “I CANT BELIEVE THIS! FAME CHANGED YOU SAERAN” “SHUT UP SAEYOUNG”)

- after the death of his good friend, saeyoung invested time on photography just to keep the memory of his friend alive. saeyoung made an instagram account dedicated to the pictures he took. some of them having saeran as his model (but saeran never knew his brother was taking pictures of him bc he was that discreet).

- while saeyoung starts getting into photography, saeran finds himself learning how to paint. he would often sell his pieces during the rfa parties along with saeyoung’s photographs

- saeyoung loves stargazing and would often go to their roof just to watch the stars. sometimes saeran joins him and they have dinner there and just talk about anything and everything

- saeran used to have braces

- while saeyoung owns a pet cat named lisa (which looks a lot like elizabeth the 3rd), saeran owns a golden retriever named sarang.

- sarang was a gift that saeyoung got for saeran bc back when he was still going to therapy, the therapist said that a companion would help ease his anxiety. he named him sarang bc it was only in his furry friend where he found love again after everything we went through.

- saeyoung taught himself to play the piano at a young age, and would often sneak saeran out of their abusive household to go to an abandoned auditorium where a fully functional piano was left behind. he would often play saeran a few of his favorite pieces and snippets of a song he was making while saeran would listen and look at him like he was the best brother in the world. (a/n fuck im soft)

- saeyoung wasnt HACKER GOD. it was saeran. huehuehuehue

- saeyoung is ticklish and saeran would use this to his advantage. he’ll jab saeyoung’s waist and neck while the poor lad’s hacking

- since they grew up in an abusive enviroment, they never got to experience the happy things in life. so when saeran and saeyoung reunite after everything that has happened in the rfa, they tried to make up for lost times. for saeran, it was a lot of firsts. first time going to the amusement park. first time going on a road trip. first time going to a waterpark. first time going to a zoo. first time eating freshly cooked meals. first time sleeping in without any worries. first time eating cotton candy. first time using a polaroid. and a whole lot more. everything was fun especially now that he had his brother right beside him as he experiences a whole lot of firsts.

- saeyoung and saeran learn to play volleyball. saeyoung was a wing spiker while saeran was a setter (and yoosung was a libero). they would often play with the rest of rfa during their off days. (jumin has a strong spike???? zen’s superb when it comes to blocking???? and jaehee’s sets are so accurate????)

- saeran’s hidden talent would be rapping. saeyoung was taken aback when he heard him spitting fire like oh man holy shit. on the other hand, saeyoung’s hidden talent is drawing. like wow???? saeran would always ask him to draw random things just bc he loves watching his brother draw. (“Hey ‘young, draw Sarang.” “Um okay…”)


Junhoe as Your Husband

So here’s your request!! GOO JUNHOE AS YOUR HUSBAND.


  • We all know how much he loves himself but when he found a girl that he thinks she can handle him (and his sassy behaviour), he’ll love you with all his might. He might be sassy af but he’ll show you his sweet and romantic side when he’s with you. Just wait for it.
  • He will really like when you wore a dress that he bought for you. 
    • “See yeobo, I never failed to dress you up.”
    • “How about I bought our daughter IF WE HAVE ONE, a dress so my girls can wear the same dress.”
    • “So you want to have a child, now?”
    • “No, that’s not what I mean.”
    • And he continued, “I want to spend our time alone, doing this and that, after that, we have to make a child!!!!!!!”
    • When you just, “we. have. to. make. a. child. …. ?!??!?!??!??!?!?”
    • He giggled and put you on his lap, hugging you tight.
  • He’ll try those cheesy pick up lines like, 
    • “your lips is so lonely, would they like to meet mine?” OMGFUCK
      • And he’ll cringe because of his embarrassment when you just, “Shut the fuck up kid.” and end up kissing one another.
  • But sometimes you’re the one who told him, “yeobo, you should call a police!!” and he’ll be like, “WHY WHY?!?!”
    • “Because I think your handsome face is killing me”
      • Yeah eventhough he liked it so much, it’s too cheesy to handle.
  • When you decided to bought another funiture for your house, there will be an argument between you and him. You want the light color, but he wants the darker color. You backhugged him, “Baby pleasee~” as you rub his stomach.
    • “We’ll take the light color.” He talked to the furniture guy.
    • He’ll look at you and say, “I hate you so much.”
    • You’ll kiss him, “Babe I hate you too!!!!!!!” And laugh.
  • He’ll nag at you ALL DAY when you don’t eat, or don’t want to eat.
  • He’ll ask endlessly about what you want to eat, where you want to eat and all of those stupid stuffs.
  • He doesn’t need a skinny wife bcs he fell in love with your soul at the first place. He doesn’t think about your body that much. As long as you’re still good in bed.
  • Endless suprise for his wife. Eventhough it’s just about his existence.
    • “Hey babe I’m here. Surprise!”


  • You stepped out from your bathroom door.
    • “Babe…”
    • “What is it, yeobo?” He will look at you that instant.
    • “You….. have…. to…. look…” You handed him the pregnancy test.
  • He’ll blink a few times, trying to accept the reality that he will SOON become a dad.
  • He’ll smile at you proudly and his mouth would let out, “Indeed, we’re so amazing that night.” He winked at you

“I want to hug and kiss you right now but I don’t want to press our baby. What should I do?”

  • When you finally wake up after being unconsious for 6 hours or something and you found your husband looking at you at the corner of the hospital room with his brightest smile as you feel a severe pain in your stomach area. He said,
    • “Babe, congratulation to both of us. It is a baby girl. She’s as beautiful as you. Indeed I have two amazing girls on my hand.” He will massage your hand and place a kiss on your forehead.


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I feel like style b has nicer clothes but style a funiture look way too cool. Style B funitures is nice too but I think the base game, patch and CC creator already made them quite a lot.

Those are good points! It’s funny, because I feel like we already have so much modern stuff, but the people who prefer Style A feel like we already have too much rustic/homey stuff. XD Interesting, eh? 

Part of the reason I like Style B is that I feel it would be more versatile. It already looks a bit mix-and-match, whereas Style A, you have to use most of it together or not at all. It reminds me a lot of the Spa Day countertops, which are nice, but I think I’ve used them once in all of my builds, and that was in a very modern house (for me). 

Plus Style B is hitting my nostalgia buttons - it reminds me strongly of Sims 2 Seasons, which was one of the best EPs ever. ;) Also, I tend to play hippie/farmer/homey/financially-challenged Sims, so I could really use that farm sink, the deco herbs, hanging light bulb, etc. The cleaning clutter looks amazing, too, although I doubt we’d get most of it (that’s OK, I realize this is just concept art).

I wouldn’t be that upset with Style A - I just probably wouldn’t use it as much. Now what would be really cool is if they could combine them somehow, and give us options. ;) But I don’t see that happening (maybe in an EP they would, but not in an SP).

Together (Jake x MC)

Summery: MC is working through her emotions and thoughts after a hectic night. She is interupted by Jake who helps her and solidifies their relarionship.

I sat in bed writing. I had taken up writing my thoughts as a way to cope with all the craziness that La Huerta was. So far I had been writing for 20 minutes, although not long it has helped me work through the events over the past 24 hours. We were stuck in a hotel with blue skinned people tying to kill us. I slept with a pilot who drinks way too much if he is planning on making it to 40 without liver damage. I lost my best friend Diego, who sacrificed himself to save me. Also we travelled six months into the future. After all the craziness I went back to my room to find it a complete mess. Glass covered the ground, clothes and other items littered the floor. I had a shower and got changed into clean clothes before heading to Diego’s room. His belongings coat the rooms floor and funiture. After cleaning up as much as I could until I was to tired to stand I crashed on the bed.

Now I sit thinking what else could I write about. As I go over everything in my mind,  I start to become overwhelmed.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Hey Princess, you in there?”

I close my notebook and sit up in bed.

“The doors unlocked.”

Jake steps through the door closing it behind him.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Fine. Yourself?”

“Too be honest, would’ve been nicer if you were there.” He had a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Yeah.” I looked back down at my book. I felt the bed sink next to me but didn’t bother looking up.

“We’re gonna get him back.”

“No we’re not. He’s most likely dead as well as Grace and Raj. I made the call to leave them and Diego let go of me. Their bloods on my hands.”

Jake grabs my hand and as much as I want to pull away, I don’t.

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, a lot of good people dieing because of bad decisions other people made. This wasn’t one of those occasions. You saved all of us and Diego choose to save you.”

I look away from Jake as my eyes begin to tear.

“Oh hey.” Jake wraps his arms around me and holds me close as I let my go of my fear of crying in front of people. I rest my head on Jakes chest and cry. I cry for as long as the tears will come, and he just holds me. After I got everything out of my system I move away from him sitting upright in the bed again.

“I’m so sorry for that, you didn’t need to see that.”

“What, you crying? I’ve seen you naked and told you about why I really live in Costa Rica. I think it was only fair for you to be the vulnerable one this round.”

“I suppose that’s true. Thanks Top Gun.”

I rest my hand on his, and he laces his fingers with mine. I look at our hands, study how they look and how his feel. When I look back up at Jake, he’s looking at me. His blue eyes staring at me, he moves in closer until our lips meet. I’m met with a small, intimate and loving kiss.

“What was that for?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Your just so beautiful.”

“Thanks…Can I ask you something?”


“Do you think that if we had met off La Huerta we would be this close? A part of me thinks it’s only because of the adrenaline and all the near death situations that brought us together.”

“I think that all the chemisty we have on the island would’ve existed off here. Just think about it, when we were in the cockpit of my plane we bantered just like we always do.  We weren’t in a near death situation then. Or when we went on that hike together. I enjoyed just being with you.”

“I suppose your right. I just can’t shake this feeling.”

“Look we can’t think about what could’ve been. We are here, right now in the present, together.” He moves me so I’m straddling him, his hands resting on my hips, mine on his chest. “We are together under these circumstances, we can’t think about  whether or not we would under a different series of events.”

“Your right, you are. I think it’s just after everything that’s happened. All the craziness. I wasn’t sure if we would work in normal, everyday surroundings.”

“Okay well speak for yourself, everyday is different for me.”

“Correction, every bottle is different.”

“True. My point is we can still have adventures when we get away from here. Obviously less life threatening ones, but ones to keep things exciting. Do you believe in soulmates?”


“Neither do I, but I do believe that two people can be together for the majority of their lives, and I want to spend the rest of mine with yours.”

“Jake, your not propos-”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself Princess. It’s just that ever since I lost Mike I haven’t been able to let anyone in, but I let you. You are smart and beautiful, you can keep up with all my jokes and your able to take care of yourself. There’s not many people like that, so I’ve never been too attached in relationships. But you are someone I know I want in my life, that’s if you’ll have me?”

“So this isn’t a proposal?”

“No, just wanting you to know where I stand.”

“Well my answer to your question is yes. So what does that mean? We aren’t dating, that would require doing on actual dates. We aren’t boyfriend or girlfriend. Are we just…together?”

“You make that sound like a bad thing.”

“No I’m just trying to make sure I have this all right.”

“Maybe I can help with that.”

All of a sudden, Jake flips us over so he’s lying on top of me. Before I can even say anything his lips are on mine. His kisses are full and deep. I have to say though, this was making things clearer.


I MADE A HOUSE?? im shocked too to be honest… i never build and its not something im great at either sadly, i did try out cc funiture for the first time ever and i  loving it… I also seem to only build starter like homes?  Anyway i hope some of you atleast like it! :)

(click on photos for hq)

Want to download this?

ORIGIN ID: withoutscars

- 1 floor

- 2 bedrooms

- 1 bathroom

- some garden stuff

- 30k 

You guys let’s talk about Animorphs Playground Stories.

I didn’t have a full group. I just had one friend. My Animorphs BFF was a girl who was actually blonde and named Rachel and VERY fierce, so she claimed Rachel and I couldn’t argue. This forced me to be Cassie, as we were very focused on shorms, and I didn’t like being Cassie because she was boring. Still, I took one for the team. My favorite character by far was Marco, and Rachel-the-friend always had a crush on Jake-the-character, so that worked out great. She got to be boring and I got to make jokes. I didn’t care one wit about Tobias, so she took him, while I took Ax. My work as Ax consisted mostly of jumping on funiture and screaming about cinnamon buns. It was a very nuanced and layered performance.

Please tell me about playing Animorphs as a kid, I must know.



When Newt woke up he was laying face down on the floor. Cheek pressed to the wooden floor of the kitchen to his and Tina’s home. With the sun setting outside and some birds still singing outside it was an odd contrast to the truth of the situation. Both back door and front door was broken, glasses, mirrors and funitures broken. A number of creatures either dead or free both inside and in the garden.

It took Newt a long time to register that he was actually awake again. Moving his hand to touch the pool of blood next to him only to see his wand broken next to him. Lifting his head a fraction he was reminded of the injuries he had obtained from the fight with… with…
He pressed his eyes shut at the reminder of his attacker.

Finding strength to push himself up it took him even longer time to make it upstairs. He didn’t wish for Tina to return home to see the wrecked house and the blood, but he really needed to try and stop the bleeding first. 
Reaching the bathroom, bloodied hands turned on the shower. Relaxing against the wall he remained slumped on the ground fully clothed as the water showered down on him.

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EngPru home has lots of books as both of them are canonly bookworms. Gil usually cooks and often something baked by Luddy is dropped by there. Funiture's a mix of classy old and punk-ish stuff. There's a wall with portraits of their favourite bosses (such as Frederick the Great and Elizabeth II). The bathroom is full of Lush products for Gilbert's needs. The main bedroom is rather big and there's a second bathroom. The couch is confortable and in front of a fireplace. Everything is clean af

My interior design skill is shitty so have a part of the livingroom //CREI THANK YOU FOR SUCH CUTE HEADCANON AAH

i don’t see enough people talk about this but the wheeler family is a foil for the byers family

the wheelers come from higher income, they have a nice house and are the picturesque quintessential american family stereotype featuring a both a mom and dad who are present in their children’s lives, a brother and a sister with a typical sibling rivalry and a younger sister who seems to get more attention than her elder siblings. their house is clean and well decorated featuring dozens of photos of their family members, they seem to be happy, but at the very least they are comfortable.

the byers come from a lower income background, their house is older and seems to be not well kept and their family is split into featuring divorced parents the paternal of which is not present in his children’s lives, two brothers who seem to get along extremely well and have one another’s back no matter what. their house is messy and the decoration is varied, their funiture old and worn, they seem to be struggling to make ends meet and do not have the same comforts the wheelers have.

  • their financial states are drastically different – wheelers are upper middle class, byers are lower middle to low class
  • their family and home dynamics are drastically different – re: the way karen and joyce as parents interact with their children
  • their parental presence dynamics are drastically different – the wheelers have both a mother and a father present, the byers only have a mother who is present
  • the state of their homes and comfort are drastically different – the wheelers have a clean and well-decorated home with a multitude of luxuries, the byers have a messy and disorganized home and not near as many luxuries
  • their status and reputation in the town are drastically different – the wheelers seem to have more connections and are more well respected, the byers have some unsavory and unfair rumors floating around about them (name about joyce and her quality as a parent and mental state)
  • the way that they dress is drastically different – the wheelers dress in a more high class manner than the byers
  • their mental health is comparatively drastically different – the wheelers seem generally mentally sound without pressing issues, the byers are stated to have histories of mental health issues that run in the family

tl;dr: the wheelers are a foil for the byers in which class issues and family dynamics play a large role in setting them apart from each other in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each