This I Believe

You want to know what I believe? Yeah, I can tell you.


I believe that the smell stays on your clothes for days. And each time you take a sniff of that scarf you wore, you’re transplanted to your favorite corner table. I believe in the warmth of a mug and the foam of the foamiest Chai. I believe in the steam that forms on the inside of windows during the coldest of days. I believe in abstract expressive artwork, coupled with eclectic and overwhelming music. I believe in the comfortable and the most uncomfortable chairs. I believe in the buzz of conversations during a first date, or an argument throughout a grueling study session. I believe that eavesdropping and people watching is totally acceptable. I believe in a relationship with the stern barista that gets you free drinks. I believe in the community that forms within those walls. I believe in “regulars” and newcomers. I believe in the driven studiers and I believe whole heartedly in the side-trackers. I believe that you learn more in the eight hours you spend there studying and conversing with those side-trackers, than you will in a whole semester. I also believe in the delirium that hits once you’ve spent eight hours there. I believe in the notes of encouragement that are left the bathroom, to pull you out of the delirium. I believe you find the most interesting of humans, the ones with the oddest of appearances and vast amounts of knowledge and confidence. I believe you discover talent and passion here. I believe in the hilarity that all of your friends know where to find you if you’re not at home. I believe that home is where the wifi connects. I also believe that home is where you feel safe, fulfilled, challenged, and encouraged to grow. I believe home provides invigorating conversation. I believe home is full of new connections. I believe home is welcoming to all people. I believe home carries pride in its name. I believe in simple things, like food, connection, and community. I believe in innovation and personal discovery. But I really believe in the spaces that allow these things to happen. I believe in the buildings that house life changing moments. My soul aches when I travel to a new city and can’t find an authentic one. With a love like this, it’s no wonder why I believe in coffee shops.