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verniansteamborg  asked:

Are the Thallids/Fungus people of the Golgari guild capable of human-level intellect or Sparking?

Probably not. They tend to be undead/fungal hybrids for the most part. Some of the plant zombies are certainly capable of human-level intellect, but I haven’t really seen it from the pure plant/fungus creatures.

Giant puffball - Calvatica gigantea

The Giant puffball is a type of puffball mushroom, known for its sometimes giant fruiting-body proportions. Older specimens can be much bigger than the young fruiting-body seen above, sometimes reaching to 70 cm in diameter, but there are records of 150 cm-diameter puffballs with a staggering weight of 20 kilograms.

When the fungus matures, it will turn brown from the spores it is producing. The puffballs are generally lightweight and have almost no stalk, so they can freely roll in the wind to release their spores. 

The immature Giant puffballs are edible, and apparently have the texture and taste of tofu. Slugs and other bottom-dwelling organism feed on the fruiting-body, so check for spores and marks of other animals before eating.

Fungi - Basidiomycota - Agaricomycetes - Agaricales - Lycoperdaceae - Calvatia - C. gigantea

Own photo (The puffball is literally located 20 meters from my house).