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What the fuck are mushrooms what are they I have no clue please help

fruit but like. fungus fruit

like i wish i was making this up but like???? the reason they exist is for the same reasons fruit exists. like

fruit (meaning fruiting structures in this case, not fruits and veggies): 

-made by plonts

-basically just the expanded ovary of the plant after the plant has sexy times

-holds seeds, which are baby plants that are genetically different from the mother. when the fruit falls the babies use the food in the fruit to grow into new plants


-happen when two or more fungus living in the ground, in the wood, in whatever substrate the mushroom is growing on, have sexy times

-they dont really have typical sexy times?? like they just smash themselves together until they fuse and make a special arm thing made of cells with nuclei from all the fungi involved in the sexy fungus time

-the weird arm thing eventually grows up to above ground and develops into a mushroom with help from all the fungi parents underground

-the mushroom spits out spores. all the spores have recombined versions of the parents’ genes and are basically baby fungi cells. the mushroom pumps these out in the millions and they drift on the wind or whatever until they find a nice spot where they can live their happy fungus lives in peace. think about spores as seeds without the food for survival if it helps you???

-also a single mushroom can have up to 9 different parents

-and funguses can have literally 20k+ biological sexes so just smash that together and u prob have a baby one way or another 

-basically mushrooms exist so the fungi can reproduce spores in a way that can better get picked up and spread around. if they stayed underground, the babies wouldn’t be able to get anywhere; when the spores are pumped out above ground somehow, they can get picked up by the wind, rain, animals, whatever and can go find a better place to live. mushrooms are distribution organs. 

a good diagram (x): 

-also fun side fact scientists have learned that lightning strikes in some fungus patches greatly accelerate the rate of mushroom production in certain species, to the point where commercial mushroom farms shock some of their fungus patches to promote growth. we think this is an evolutionary thing that some species have developed in response to trees getting struck by lightning. like if a tree gets struck, the funguses around it are like guys we’re gonna get so much food omg and start reproducing because they can afford to if they’re about to get a giant dead tree to eat

fungi are weird man


Hey gang, just wanted to show y’all some mushroomy goodness that I captured up in some woods this past weekend :)

I’ve been visiting the same spot for over 4 years now, and I always get excited to spot an old friend like the orange jelly fungi (aka Witches Butter… how cool is that name tho?!). I also brought Twoflower with me this time around, so there were a few snaps of him here and there.

Turrah! (and also some crafty goodness will follow soon :D)

P.S. If anyone knows what those white berries are (2nd last photo), please let me know! I’ve never seen them before :O


Vegemorphs: The Fungus Among Us - front and back cover, and the first three pages. 

I finally got my hands on this for 0.25 at a book sale last week. I’m entirely amused by the concept though it remains to be seen whether I’ll find time to make it through the whole thing. I wonder how dedicated the author is to really directly parodying Animorphs, vs just making up a vaguely related story. One missed opportunity is there is no author bio for Leif E. Green. Surely an amusing and wild tale could be spun about this author, but the book just ends with the last word. In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter.

A letter to the girl I’ve been WAY too hard on.

I guess the first recorded memory I have of us was around age 4. Give, or take a couple years. Lol. No, but seriously. Chalk it up to memory repression, but the only stored memories that I posses from ages 0 to 10 are scarce, pieced together, and almost impersonal. I remember being so critical of you. Of every part of you. Of every little detail that I declared less than par. In hindsight, I know that I was holding you to unrealistic expectations. Expectations that I thought would make you worthy, interesting, and important. Most of all. Normal. Maybe it was bitterness, Or resentment, Or helplessness, Or fear. Truth is, there could have been a number of things contributing to my devaluation of you; Nevertheless, There you were… Just trying to exist. There I was. To make sure you knew the proper way to do it. Guess what? You sucked!
Fast forward to 5th grade, where actual, in color, and some even high definition memories start. Can I just say: YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL. I know I never told you that then. When you needed it the most, but I had no idea what beautiful was. Society had already encrypted me with it’s very distorted idea of beauty, and im gonna be honest…You were not exactly a poster child of that “idea”. You were skeptical, and nervous. Awkward, and clumsy. You always said the wrong things. You daydreamed. ALOT. All the girls were prettier than you, and the boys were scared to speak to you. I, in my not so passive suggestions, tried to help you out in this department, too. I tried to help with your wardrobe. You failed. Your hair. You failed. Your make up. You horribly failed. I tried so hard to hook you right up with some social skills. You. Failed. Like a Jeffrey Dahmer fail..except without the whole cannibalism thing…Or serial killer thing..ok, lets just say you did not “socially adapt”.
Oh, Jr High. Where rumors spread faster than my 13 year old daughter can send a text message. Jr High is such a paradox. It is where freedom and captivation collide. Ones ego can go from self absorption to self depletion during lunch. Lets take a moment to let that sink in. In a single hour, a girl can go from a confident oozing “mean girl” to a borderline depressant. This is the power of our ego, and especially at the age of 13 when the people inside the local Jr High are the only people in the ENTIRE WORLD. A place where if a boy says you have fat thighs, or ugly hair, by God you need to do some 1982 aerobics taught by Suzanne Summers; via VHS, and get your thunder thighed self to the beauty shop for a color/cut combo. Like yesterday! I know it sounds silly to even consider. It sounds silly to me, too. The 33 year old me. The 13 year old me probably didn’t think it was silly at all.
I wish I would have built you up through your most challenging years. When you cried tears of defeat I wish I would have told you how brave you were, instead of calling you a crybaby. When you kept wondering why you were such an ugly duckling, I wish I had reminded you that you were a swan, instead of saying “just change this”. When you longed for companionship, and wondered why noone stuck around…I wish I had told you that all the “single” time you had was necessary for you. So that you would learn your self worth from yourself, and not some arrogant boy. Instead, I told you that you were Just too awkward for a boyfriend.
I remember your first heart break like it was yesterday. Surely you remember. Your life was over. Done. Grab yaself a fork. Maaaaan oh man. The tears, the dramatic outburst, the anger, the hurt, the ANXIETY. This time of your life is one of my biggest regrets. I let you down. And by “let” I mean..I shoved you. Hard. Off of the biggest metaphorical rooftop in the world. When hurt and confusion swept over your 18 year old, pregnant, and newest member of the dump truck self..I blamed you. If only you were more exciting, more adventurous. Maybe you shouldn’t have cut your hair. I mean yeah it was ugly before, but Jesus..did you have to replicate a shiitake mushroom?? Nobody wants to be reminded of a fungus every time they look at you. It’s not that I didn’t think(or complete opposite) you had potential. I just wanted you to potentially tan them legs, and hit the gym. Afterall, it was your slothy ways that got you in this predicament.
These are things I actually said to you. I am so sorry for that. The truth is it wasn’t you at all. It was him. You took responsibility. You moved on to the next phase of your life with no resentment. No hate. You kept a straight face from Sun up til Sun down. You only broke down in the company of me. Tucked safely inside 4 walls, protected by 14 pillows to buffer your cries when the reality got too painful. You were so courageous. I was so proud of you. I’m sorry I never told you. When you became a mother, I was in overdrive. I just did not want you to screw this up like everything else, I critiqued, second guessed, shamed, blamed, and blamed some more. How could you be trusted to raise a mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy child when you are so terrible at life, yourself. I told you everyday you were doing it all wrong. What I meant are killin it. You are a wonderful mother. You grew a human life..and she’s beautiful. You. You did that. …

If I could go back. I would have loved you. I would have loved you at 4. At 8. At 13. At 18. At 21. I would have shown you compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. I would have been more careful with my words, as well as your feelings. I would have replaced criticism with encouragement, and blame with opportunity. If I could go back. I would love you, because you were always enough. You were always worthy. You were always worth loving. I just got lost trying to make the world love you, not realizing that it was me who didn’t love you. It took a lot of trial and error, but over time I have learned to unconditionally love you. Every part of you.

Xoxo, Yourself.


Time lapsed video of mushrooms growing is quite cool.


More wip scarf designs! This time fungus overload <3 Still working on colors and variants but thought I’d throw these up so everyone could get a sampling. Eventually every scarf will have a variants so there will be at least two of each. EVENTUALLY!!!!!! Still in the getting samples and testing stuff phase @ o @;;;;; Middle sketches in the center for bonus : >

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I'm new to look be plants and one of mine has this white stuff that's really soft on one of its stems. Is this normal or is it a bad thing?

It could be algae. Could be fungus, but most of the times, it’s algae.


As one should know from my earlier entries, Mancer Syndrome does not just effect the prime elements that we are familiar with. There are many other elements and niches that can lead to Mancer Syndrome, things that are outside of elements like fire, water and earth. We have already seen that beings like Apiaromancers and Psychomancers can exist, even though they do not wield magic that we would label as “elemental.” This types of mancers are quite rare, as it involves a magic user to become consumed by this narrow field of specific magic. Many mages and sorcerers prefer broad types of magic, so that their arsenal is varied and their studies are vast. Not many wish to narrow down their field to such a slim margin. Thus, these specific mancers are not commonly created. One good example, is the Mycomancer.

Mycomancers are magic users who are obsessed with mushrooms and other fungi. Some may find an appeal to all plant life, but their number one favorite will be fungus every time. The use of magic with mushrooms is a very specific field, and one that does not see much use outside of potion brewing and medicine making. So rarely does one actually use their mana on fungus, that one has to wonder how they become infected by such an element. Some may use their mana to speed mushroom growth, or to try and make new species of fungus, but that should not reach the levels necessary for mutation. They can use their powers to control the fungi, but if they are not on a battlefield or fight, that ability sees little use. This as led to some scholars theorizing that certain breeds of fungus or mushroom may actually affect the natural mana when consumed or inhaled. Perhaps their spores or natural juices somehow infect the natural mana of the human body, and aid in the conversion of a Mycomancer. This would help explain some things, but at the same time, not much has been discovered to prove this. Regardless, I would still advise any magic users to be careful when consuming shrooms. It may not mutate you into a rotting corpse, but it may cause one to hallucinate and end up burning down half their school. 

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Maybe it’s friendly!

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Who/what is stain?

The Permanent Stain: the Disappearing Agent

While many Agents are known for grisly, violent deaths or mass collateral damage, the Stain is one that does its work in baby steps, taking weeks or even months to claim just one victim. Despite this, it one of the most dreaded Agents of all, and people or buildings observed to be exhibiting symptoms are to call authorities immediately.

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