“ Lactarius sanguifluus ” by juan carlos poveda molero
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“ Lactarius sanguifluus, rebollón, nízcalo, un excelente comestible, muy apreciado por mi zona, Riba-roja de Turia, 15-6-2008. ”

it genuinely is

i love dark souls, it’s one of my favorite game series, but i hate the trend of indie devs being really difficult and badly designed and claiming it to be “inspired by dark souls!”

like, the whole appeal of dark souls is overcoming the difficulty by any means necessary. the game challenges you and you find new ways to get past the challenge. it’s hard but not impossible and anybody can do it if they get creative enough. dark souls is basically a big puzzle game, the puzzle being “how do i circumvent this difficult game design?”

the difficulty is part of the game’s atmosphere. it’s supposed to make the world feel dangerous and oppressive, so that when you make it past the danger you feel smart and capable. it’s about fostering a sense of accomplishment. one of the best trailers for Dark Souls has a compilation of players overcoming the game’s trials and the phrase “Prepare to Die” changing to phrases like “Prepare to Fight, Overcome, Struggle, Endure, LIVE”

but indie games co-opting dark souls whole schtick don’t understand that, they just think “hurrrhrhghghghghg chungo fungo funy hard game make me laugh” and fill their games with bullshit difficulty in order to artificially lengthen it 

you aren’t supposed to finish a modern “indie roguelike” game, you’re supposed to die over and over again and keep playing the game indefinitely. they use the difficulty to make up for a lack of content. you can’t see that the game only has ten minutes worth of content if you can’t get past the first level after all!

dark souls games is designed to be finished. they have a shit-load of content, fun gameplay that makes you want to experience all of the content, and a challenging but fair difficulty that makes you feel accomplished when you overcome it.

that’s the difference.

Ninguém nunca me viu nu. Digo, por inteiro: despido de todas as minhas vergonhas, medos e das minhas mentiras. Ninguém se mostrou digno de tal confiança. Acho que talvez essa seja uma das minhas mentiras: eu confio nas pessoas, mas não confio em mim. É uma longa história. Eu sou uma longa história. Não há um ser vivo na terra que, no momento, possa dizer o que eu realmente quero da vida, e isso me inclui. O grande querer de alguém é algo complexo demais para ser compreendido, ele simplesmente vive em você, como um fungo em seu subconsciente. Assim, sendo poucas as pessoas que já me viram chorar, acredito que seja menor ainda o número de pessoas que já me fizeram chorar, não me parece uma atitude decente incomodar alguém com sentimentos extravagantes de um adolescente com pequenas crises emocionais. Pessoas têm problemas de verdade, câncer é um problema de verdade, eu sou só mais um exagerado procurando por alguma coisa real. Alguém real. Quero alguém que não se sinta incomodada com essa minha nudez, alguém com quem eu me sinta confortável para me despir de todas as incertezas e que eu possa abraçar sem medo. Existem pessoas assim por aí, já ouvi falar. São poucas as pessoas que andam peladas pela rua, tanto literalmente quando figurativamente, nem todo mundo consegue expor o mais íntimo do seu ser para ilustres desconhecidos. E para a anônima que irá ver através dos meus olhos: venha me livrar de tudo isso que me encobre, e minhas roupas também.
Dating Fred would include...

Requested- Dating Fred would include -anon

- - -

  • always having fun
  • going to Zonko’s Joke Shop each time you visit Hogsmeade with him
  • “We just went there last week!”
  • “Well, y/n, you can never get enough of these.”
  • him surprising you with cute random kisses
  • him trying to prank you by asking George to pretend to be him
  • you recognizing that it’s George each time
  • visiting the Burrow with him
  • meeting Mr. and Mrs. Weasley
  • Molly Weasley treating you like her own and telling you how pretty you are and how Fred doesn’t deserve you
  • you telling her that Fred is the best thing that happened to you
  • Fred listening from behind, without you knowing 
  • staying on the rooftop and chatting with him
  • “Am I really the best thing that happened to you?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, you eavesdropping arse.”
  • lots of tickle fights
  • cuddling at the common room
  • sharing every single secret with each other
  • snow ball fights during Christmas
  • road trips
  • you asking him to massage you
  • ending up with making out
  • sneaking out at night to meet
  • him loving to tease you
  • you teasing him back sarcastically 
  • you treating Ginny like your little sister
  • Ginny looking up to you all the times and admiring you
  • “Go away, Ginny, y/n is mine.”
  • “Don’t be selfish, Fred!”
  • “Y/n, tell her, you’re mine right?”
  • “Yeah, yeah.”

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