a short list of some mycology/fungi blogs to follow!

if fungi/mycology/mushrooms are as intriguing to you as they are to me, then check out any of the following blogs! the following all update (somewhat) regularly for maximum fungi fun:

blogs that post generally feature all aspects of nature but frequently update with fungi:

*edit: I remembered the lovely ediblefungi blog and decided to add them to the list as well


Despite rumours to the contrary, the Fungipunk is alive and kicking and still actively crawling around the fields and woodlands of South Wales looking for magnificent mushroomy treats to snap and collect. It’s true, and I can prove it…….
The fact I haven’t posted in a while is because I feel the whole tumblr experience has gone downhill lately. Every 4th or 5th post on my timeline is an ad for some shitty app that I don’t want or need and it just pisses me off. Now we have videos which start themselves, like it was too much bloody trouble to press play when I fancied watching a video FFS. Add that to the fact that the tumblr app itself crashes far too often and it becomes a chore to use, rather than the pleasure it used to be.
Having said that, there are still some quality blogs on here that I enjoy looking at which keep drawing me back. So, because of this I thought it was time to post a few new pics in the hope that somebody somewhere has missed me and my mushrooms.
It’s all kicking off in mushroom land about now, a great time to get inspired and maybe take your first steps down the mycelium highway. The world of fungi can be daunting at first but from small acorns mighty Oaks grow and fungi hunting is the hobby that just keeps giving. It’s cheap, you don’t need specialist equipment, (at the most you need a basket, stick, ID book and a cheap camera) and fungi occur virtually everywhere so you don’t have to travel vast distances. Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of mushrooms, is not important; you can call them all Brian if it helps, they won’t mind. You will learn the names in time.
A word of caution though before you consume any of the fungi you find, you must be 100% certain of ID. An epic fail in this department could lead to an agonising death. Until you become confident in mushroom ID just stick to photographing them.
See you out there….