Propagating a Wild Oyster Mushroom Specimen

The Christmas of 2015 was incredibly warm and wet in Northeastern US. We decided to go on a casual drive around the neighborhood when suddenly my fungal senses started tingling. From the corner of my eye, I saw a cluster of engorged of oyster mushrooms their elegance on a decaying (Dutch?) elm by the roadside. We haven’t found a hull of shrooms this amazing since the chicken-of-the-woods find on one of our fishing trips. I know the photo might not look impressive, but I swear to you there’s at least 5 pounds.

Since we found these shrooms by a high traffic road side, I’m a little paranoid and uncomfortable eating this immediately due to the unknown runoff pollution that might have been absorbed by the wood. I’ve never propagated a wild culture before so I took a small sample to cultivate the mycelium and grow more shrooms like I did with my coffee grind experiments last winter. So far so good…the mycelium is happily colonizing the card board. (Gosh I wish I had a setup to colonize a gel plate, but no time or funds at the moment!)


PS. - I’ve said this a bajillion times on this blog already, but DO NOT put any shrooms or foraged food into your mouths or hands unless you are confident in identifying and preparing the food. DO use good judgment and take personal responsibility for your own actions.

riSES FROM THE DEAD. hello all (๑•́ ω •̀๑) it’s been a grueling past few weeks but the semester has ended and now i am FREE FOR THE SUMMER!!!

i also cleaned out my inbox! and found some asks i never answered ahgdsfa. these should be the last of them, MINUS asks i’m responding to individually, answering in the faq i’m making, or keeping bc they’re requests! and if they’re none of the above i might have overlooked them in which case i am so sorry

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