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I don’t really use lines much anymore, unless the style calls for it. (ie: chars had thick black lines -> bg will have m too).

I sketch my scene, maybe do a color test. Then I extrude the shapes like this. I still need to work on choosing the right balance in not making the pieces look to plastic if they aren’t made of plastic, haha.

MAYBE YOU meant something else tho;; haha the pre-this phase or something.


This speaks to my very core.

fungii replied to your post: Since Tropichu! should be done in 2-3 …

just how ARE you finding these super quick methods, they sound magical

eeeii I am a super lazy person, so I always try to find easy and dirty ways to do the stuff faster.

I built this in Sketch Up and exported it in 3 different states (color, shadow and lines). Then I stacked them in Photoshop. I added some gradients, grime, blurs, and then the lamps, high lights, the reflection and outside of the window. 

It is super easy if you know the basics of Sketch Up (they have good tutorials for beginners) and easy you if don’t need something highly detailed. Its not very time consuming as drawing everything by hand. 

(if you do want details,you can always search in the 3D warehouse, but the after process is more complicated)

I might record some of the steps, or hold a livestream or something to show my process more clearly when doing another one of these.

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Have a great weekend everyone!