○ Overgrown ○

I painted this fungi fairy especially for this old wooden frame, which I found in thrift store :)
Done with botanical inks and watercolours ♥

In case someone would like to hang it on the wall, it’s for sale (frame included) ♪ just send me a PM or contact me on

17x23cm paper • 22,5x29cm with the frame


Naturalist Journal:
Jones State Forest, North of Houston, TX

The bf and I took a hike up in the pineywoods, North of Houston. It’s been unseasonably warm in the South, so we have all kinds of butterflies and other insects active, and wildflowers blooming a month or 2 early. I didn’t get that many good photos (The butterflies wouln’t cooperate), but i got a few.

1. Blue Violet (Viola sororia), violets are usually smongst the first wildflowers that bloom down here.

2. Festive Tiger Beetle (Cicindela scutellaris flavoviridis), these fast little devils kept flying and running along the wet sand paths on the edge of the woods, hunting other insects. This species has a lot of color and pattern variation amongst the sub-species.

3. I’m not sure, it looks like a chanterelle, but it may be a “False Chanterelle”?