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If you have an Asian mom - I bet you can relate to at least some of these!  


Filing soap with water, Tiger Balm on everything….Things Asian Parents Do Pt 2! 




Asian snacks from your childhood. Watch this video! 

PS - HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who celebrates Lunar New Year!

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Model Minority (Andrew Fung, David Fung, and Jason Chu) while at the OCA Convention!

If you haven’t heard of Model Minority, they’re responsible for some of the illest beats and tracks to emerge from the Asian American community. Check em out, listen to their tracks, share their videos!


Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Kevin Lien, Priscilla Liang, & Aileen Xu

Boba lovers, enjoy!  Hehehe.


Let’s talk about how great it is that there’s a song about dim sum.

Thank you Andrew Fung!


We tried to answer the age-old question “WHAT DO ASIAN GIRLS HATE?”

Watch this to find out (some of the answers may surprise you)


Everything you need to know about Chinese New Year.

Yes! Thanksgiving + Christmas + New Year = CNY

mikelevo  asked:

Hey Juliet. Could you elaborate a little bit more on this, possibly as an article or quick post on the BOBALIFE music video? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you. "As usual, the sexism and just blatant DISrespect for women among Asian American male Youtubers is more obvious than anything else." -Mike

Let’s get crackin’!

Alright. So I’ve written before on the misogyny in Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead’s music. Here’s the video for his song “For You”

It has lyrics calling women bitches, crazy ass bitches, groupies that will “drop real low”, makes a reference to “For the ones I drugged out”. DRUGGED OUT? I’m hoping that doesn’t mean what I think it is and Dumb’s not actually a rapist.

With the Fung Brothers, I do believe they have good intentions. I’ve hung out with them and they really do want to make a difference in their communities and inspire pride in a community like the San Gabriel Valley area. But in their videos, I see Asian women being used as props, objects, and in this most recent one, reduced to a pair of breasts.

It all makes me highly uncomfortable. Some other stuff, including Tweets by one of the FB, has also happened but I think I’ll leave that out of this for now. 

We’ve also got Timothy De La Ghetto, a rapper who goes by Traphik on Youtube. He’s probably my least favorite and if I saw him, I’d probably punch him. He makes rape jokes, talks about “choking a slut”, makes references to throwing women away, calls women ‘bitches’, and jokes about statutory rape. There was even a petition criticizing the Midwest Asian American Student Union for inviting a misogynist like him to perform at the conference.

Additionally, the Youtube star Kevjumba posted this week about how hipster guys shouldn’t date Asian women since we’re not accessories. He followed up by saying that hipster girls should date Asian men. That kind of double standard and sexism towards women in general (and disrespect for Asian women) is extremely rampant in the Asian American community. I posted earlier about why it’s problematic, so feel free to read it.

There’s PLENTY more, but I’m too lazy (and my laptop is too slow) to look up more videos on Youtube. This is probably not going to make me any friends in the Youtube community, but it’s definitely something that needs to be talked about. 


Finally, our BOBALIFE music video is live on our YouTube channel!

If you drink boba, you gotta watch this! 

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