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Send ‘💥’ to crash right into my muse while running in a corridor.

While rounding a corner, she run right into the animatronic. Of course it had to be Funtime Freddy and Bonnie. Falling flat on her back, she cursed how unlucky she was. Standing up, she was tired of running. “Freddy.. Bon Bon. Are you going to kill me?” The youtuber asked, how she even got in her favorite game, she’ll never know, so she knew full well what happened if you get caught by one of the animatronics.

C’s  finally back home again and It’s a new year! The first new drawing post here is a human Funfred w Buddybon and Fufu with an updated outfit! Whoohoo!! And speaking of the new year We’re going to empty out our ask box and start anew. So! Send us those  new asks or asks we didn’t get to before! Happy New Years to you all and thank you for supporting and liking our blog! 

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“Fredbear?” Spring could hardly believe her eyes. But upon closer inspection, the bear in front of her was not, in fact, her old partner. For one thing, he was a different color-being white and pink instead of gold-colored. Secondly, he had a hand puppet. A BONNIE hand puppet. 

Springtrap narrowed her eyes at the newcomer. 

“Who are you?”



    ✗ — 𝑨 sigh leaves the foxes lips, a hand running through his hair as he paces through his room in his and Ballora’s apartment, the hand that’s running through his hand dropping his side as another sigh falls past his lips. This is ridiculous. He shouldn’t be this strung out over a little kiss. But it… It meant A L O T to him… Fuck. Finally slipping out of his room, he moves into the kitchen, eyes falling on Ballora moving graceful as ever. I kissed Bon-Bon. He says it so BLUNTLY he almost doesn’t recognize his own voice, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. I-I think… I think I li-ike her… Like.. A lot more than anybody else. And differently than I like anybody else. Like I don’t like FunFred like this, or Baby, or Bonnet, or you… It’s very weird… Help me.