FSG (Fusion Sportsgear) presents the new silhouettes of the Sub Saharan Sneaker, which is completely hand made in Nigeria. It is more than just a shoe, it is a product with a cause.

The sales from the shoes go to paying the workers and craftsmen above current minimum wages in West Africa. In addition the patterns are designed and printed by africans locally and in the diaspora, destroying the current social construct of African print.

Future goals of the brand include donating clothing to orphanages and organising sporting events for public schools. Founder of the brand, Funfere Koroye, believes in using innovation and product development to change the current state of manufacturing and product development in Nigeria.

Your time on earth is limited, don’t waste it living for someone else. Don’t be trapped by ideas you didn’t create. Don’t let the noise of the crowd drown out your own inner voice. Most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, even if you end up failing. Every journey, no matter where it leads, is still a lesson learned. Your life belongs to just you, take ownership of your actions. Think about it, when the people you are living for break you down to pieces, you will be stuck with insurmountable regrets. Wishing you had taken a risk, said enough and walked out the door. Your happiness should your primary concern, everything else is secondary.


An aspiring industrial product designer known for his contemporary and gemotric designs, Funfere’s work speaks to his foundation in art and design. He’s very clear about not pursuing a career in fashion, while he spends the year in China working as a product developer for a Japanese American footwear company. Kind of cool right?

“Do whatever the fuck you want. If people dont like it then find somewhere else to be. Thats what i do everyday. Don’t let the little things bother you. Stay strong, and stay positive. When you lose one thing, you gain another better. Don’t stress it, just smile. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Maybe nothing is working out right now, but maybe thats just a part of the puzzle pieces assembling into the picture that you deserve. People come and go, but you’ve always got you, so be thankful to be alive. Keep calm, shit happens.”

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

When I see pics of people on my dash that I know from school I be like, WHOA! how yo ass get there?! I be a lil excited for them cause they be gettin mad notes for their “african style” or what not but umm yea yall poppin up too much lol.. same for twitter. i miss the days where i didn’t know anybody on these sites in person.

So ummm yea, stop that lol.


I have been in lagos now for over 2 months, after almost over 7 years away for education and travels. I visited often but never stayed for longer than 3 weeks, because it was usually to renew my student visas. So far i haven’t been shocked by the way the city runs but i know i can’t build a career here. Giving it a chance however to see if i can build my own business. Product development isn’t exactly Africa’s current focus due to lack of infrastructure and abject corruption but complaining isn’t the path to go on. Change starts with the Nigerian looking in the mirror. You can see more of my documentation via my Instagram.

- Funfere koroye