Endlose Energiequelle

Katzen landen bekanntlich immer auf den Füßen, Butterbrot hingegen landet immer auf der Butterseite. Wenn man also einer Katze ein Butterbrot auf den Rücken bindet und sie dann an einen Generator anschließt, hat man eine endlose Energiequelle. Jetzt brauche ich nur noch eine Katze….

ENTps are far from angels. Don’t be fooled by their clumsiness, spaced-out behaviour and over-friendliness. Behind it all is a very cold rational mind, motivated by a starvation for attention. So, if an ENTp is friendly and nice to you: a) they want you to like them; b) they also need something else from you. ENTps care very much what others think and feel about them. In this case the “others” in question are everyone except close friends and family, because close friends and family form a special circle. If an ENTp would open the door to you in their underwear, you are probably already inside this special circle. However, you can find yourself outside this circle as quickly as you found yourself inside it.

Passport for space!

Did you know that astronauts and cosmonauts, when returning from space, are met by a representative from their home space agency at the landing site in Kazakhstan with their passport? They require the passport because they immediately fly back to their home countries after landing.

Fun fact: Apollo 11 astronauts had to go through Customs when they came back from the Moon (with moon rocks and dust as declared cargo)! Read the story:


Credit: Canadian Space Agency’s Facebook Account